Thursday, December 13, 2018

Get the Calloway boxset for two days only #$1.99 (Books 1-3)

December 13, 2018

The Calloways of Rainbow Bayou Boxset

It includes the first three books in the series:
When the Right One Comes Along (Ridge and Buffy)
Too Good To Be True (Luc and Delilah)
Only the Heart Remembers (Nick and Brenna)

What a deal! The #newrelease the Calloways of Rainbow Bayou Boxed Set (books 1-3) is on a quickie sale for $1.99 (regularly $7.99) Pick it up today.
This book will get you started on the series (currently seven books including the newest release.) If you love stories with love of family and community, a bit of suspense and of course, hunky heroes with a heart of gold, you’ll enjoy the Calloways.

Genre: Womens fiction/ romantic comedy/ romantic suspense/small town military romance


In the small town of Rainbow Bayou, the Calloways are larger than life, a military family that doesn't see obstacles…only possibilities.

Excerpt from Only the Heart Remembers

Brenna and the stranger left the safety of the wall and step by excruciating step trudged toward the bedroom. Every muscle in her body complained as she struggled to keep him upright. They pushed against each other like two adversaries in an Olympic wrestling match but managed to stay upright until he toppled onto the massive oak bed, cursing as he landed.

 She placed the covers over him and spoke in a soothing voice, “Easy, there. You’re okay now, just rest.” The lines between his eyebrows eventually eased as he slipped back into unconsciousness.

After checking the fire and gathering up the soiled linens and pieces of clothing from the floor, she stuffed them into a garbage bag and placed it in the laundry room until the power was restored. But when she returned to the bedroom, Brenna found the big man shivering violently under the covers and thrashing about.

What was going on? She stretched more blankets over him. His complexion looked gray in the light of the candle instead of its earlier bronze and he was hotter than Hades.

“This just keeps getting worse.” They both needed rest. Had it been just two hours? It felt like two days.

The rain still lashed at the window panes with the lightning not as frequent and farther off, but Brenna knew there was more bad weather to come. They’d predicted several days of this as the low moved across the lake. Ironically, the presence of the big man in her bed seemed to lessen her fear.

An hour later he groaned and tried to rise but Brenna stopped him. “You need to rest.”

“I need a shower,” he said, sounding remarkably clearheaded.

He might, but he wasn’t going to get one. “You’ve been sick and I’m not about to let you get in the shower.” There she went again in that voice fit only for children, a voice even she didn’t recognize.

With a touch of petulance, he said, “But I always take a shower every night before bed. You know that.”

Her eyebrows rose and her head tilted studying him. She knew that?

“Well. . . not tonight, okay?”

He swung his legs to the side of the bed and stood, a trained decathlete would run a poor second to his sculptured beauty. Then he strode down the hallway. Brenna just stared after Hunky Burglar as he took off in the direction of the bathroom once again. Was he moving on instinct or did he remember? She followed since there didn’t seem to be much else she could do. He seemed to have come out of his stupor in command of all his faculties.

A sharp noise came from outside as they reached the living room. All at once, he pushed her against the cabinet, extending his hand as if it held a gun. He crouched low, searching the room, a sleek muscled panther sniffing the air placing himself between her and some mythical threat.

“Hey, it was just a limb hitting the roof,” Brenna said, careful not to startle him. Each sleek powerful line of his body was rigid with tension. If anyone had told her she wouldn’t be laughing at a naked man crouched in her living room with his finger pistol, she wouldn’t have believed it. He obviously took this protection business seriously.

She tried again. “Come on. Put the uh, ‘gun’ away.” His intensity was spellbinding. She placed her hand tentatively on his arm and said, “I think it’s okay now.” He dropped his gun hand to his side and rubbed his head with the other.

After securing a promise from him to call if he needed her, Brenna left him in the bathroom. She didn’t hear a large body hitting the floor so she waited. He’d finished brushing his teeth and was running a washcloth over his chest when she opened the door.

He turned slowly, giving her another perfect view of his. . . physique and winked. His molten gaze made heat race through her limbs and pool between her legs. Heaven help her, but he was whoopee on a stick, totally boinkable.

And totally off limits.

“Sex is the mother of all distractions," her friend Godiva had said one evening and Brenna was keenly aware that this handsome distraction was blowing her fear away as effectively as a strong north wind.

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