Wednesday, March 8, 2017

An Interview with Laura Zats

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The Boar King’s Honor Trilogy
by Nancy Northcott

Long, long ago—back when we were young and our hearts were whatever—my friend Nancy Northcott told me that she had written a book using some of her favorite topics: fantasy, history, the much-maligned Richard III, and the riddle of what really happened to the two princes in the Tower. I read the first draft, or at least part of it, and found myself wondering about these mages in the alternate history existing throughout history, and remembering how witches were executed, mostly because there was property that someone wanted and making such an accusation was the easiest way to get it without actually paying for it. Such magical folk are the heroes of this story, then and now, now that it has finally been polished and published.

Northcott manages to merge known history with possibles, with history and never-was; her hero, also a Richard, has lived under a generations-old family curse, and is determined not to have children to make sure the curse dies with him. But of course, he finds himself summoned by another mage, a woman, who is unaware of her potential powers, and he decides to train her. And before too long, he finds that he has his own part in alt-history to play, to defeat the family curse at long last and to defeat his arch-enemy, who has designs of his own and is willing to kill to conquer.

If you’re a fan of historical romances, epic fantasies, and anything about Richard III, you’ll like this. I was so pleased to see this final version after so many years and enjoyed reading Herald of Day. I think you will too.

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