Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Do You Binge Watch?

Yesterday, I didn’t get much done. Instead, I binge-watched Rick and Morty with my son. It’s an animated sitcom about the adventures of a granddad and his grandson; however, it just so happens that the grandfather is a brilliant scientist and a sociopath.

Rick and Morty isn’t the first series of binge watched. Over thanksgiving, my friend and I spent a day learning about the good people of Coal/Hope Valley in When Calls the Heart.

I’m a fan of this quick, extreme viewing practice. Watching an entire series in a short time allows the viewer to see the character arcs clearly and there’s no problem remembering the details from one episode to the next.  A couple of years ago, I got into Breaking Bad. I borrowed the DVD of the first season from the library over the weekend and loved it. I requested the next seasons and I still remember waiting on pins and needles over the next weeks for them to come in. I had so many questions. Would Skyler and Hank catch Heisenberg? Would Jesse find love? Would Gus finally get the better of Walter?  Yep, I truly was a binge-watcher. I still am, and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in this. The Statistics Portal, a site that claims to report statistics and studies from more than 18,000 sources, states that, “according to a 2015 survey, some 86 percent of trailing Millennials and even 33 percent of those over 69 years old engage in binge-watching TV series.”

Are you, like me, one of these people? What have you watched? What do you want to watch? Here are thirteen shows I have watched.

1. Breaking Bad
2. Friends
3. Sherlock
4. Downton Abbey
5. When Calls the Heart
6. Buffy The Vampire Slayer
7. Doctor Who
8. Parks and Recreation
9. The Walking Dead
10. Game of Thrones
11. Orphan Black
12. Firefly
13. Rick and Morty

I guess marathon-viewing might be a bad thing if a person allows it to get in the way of his responsibilities or his interaction with loved ones., but it could also be a good thing. An article on the Readers Digest site says, “if you get into a show with your partner or pals, experts argue it could bring you closer.” The post goes on to say that talking about a show and the characters in it can help an individual start conversations and express her opinions about life.  Let’s do that currently. What shows have you watched? What series have I missed? Do you have any suggestions?



  1. I never heard of Rick and Morty. I liked Breaking Bad but had to quit cause it got too intense for me. I watched most of Friends, Sherlock and Dowton Abbey. I like Orange is the New Black and Frankie and....?

    1. I've heard of Orange is the New Black but I haven't watched it yet. Maybe I will. Thanks for the idea.

  2. When calls the heart Christmas was so great

    1. Sandyland, I agree. I like Hope Valley and the characters who live there a lot.

  3. I've binge watched "Firefly" , "Downton Abby",and "Breaking Bad" the last until finding out someone I really liked was going to die.
    Now we are binge watching "NCIS", sort of a less gritty show than BB.

    1. Yeah. Lots of my favorite characters died on Breaking Bad. I haven't watched NCIS, but I might check it out.Thanks.

  4. Most of my watching is technically binge watching. I do it all on the weekend with my dh. Generally we watch four or five episodes of whatever we're into split into Sat and Sun.

    My list includes Firefly, Buffy, Angel, and Breaking Bad. Right now we're into The 100.

  5. Alice Audrey,
    I'm a little like you. I love to watch shows with my dh. I'll check out The 100.

  6. A friend and I often do this, esp in winter when we get together for crafting weekends. Sometimes we'll catch up on movies we've wanted to see, but more often than not we'll watch an entire season (or half a season, depending on the show) in one weekend. We've done NCIS, JAG, Castle, Charmed, Covert Affairs, Rizzoli & Isles, True Blood, Game of Thrones (first 3 seasons)... We currently have the first two seasons of NCIS: LA to watch, too.

    I left a link for you a couple weeks ago to my GR profile, but you must have missed it, so here it is again:

  7. Thanks Heather.
    I'm glad I'm not the only binge-watcher.

  8. I binge watched Downton Abby, and also Buffy. I recommend Xena: Warrior Princess if you like fantasy, comedy, and rearranged history. I have also watched Star Trek: Voyager, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, and I watch The Lord of the Rings Movies along with THe Hobbit movies (which is about 24 hours of viewing, all together), at least once a year. Also, Game of Thrones! And I like Masters of Sex, too.