Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Building Workshops Are Fun!

A while ago, I was invited to give a workshop in another state. The invitation came from a writers' organization, and I had to come up with a workshop. They pretty much gave me carte blanche, and after some addled thought (I was on deadline), I pitched one, and they accepted.

Mind you, I have a list of a couple dozen workshops I've given in the past (I like doing them, both online and in person; I come from a long line of grouchy academics, so coming up with this stuff is second nature), but for this occasion I decided to come up with something new. The workshop was in April, so I began research. It was fun! Well, research is always fun.

And research can be all-absorbing. As much as I wanted to keep going on, I had work to do, work that took precedence. And so I did the work, kept making notes for the workshop, until I finally had a week to do the work I needed for the workshop. Only a week.

Now, I don't like rushing for a deadline. I do deadlines all the time, but I plan for them. But I also had work that took precedence. But I finished the work for the workshop, in plenty of time and days to spare, but I figured I would take this opportunity to ask: How people deal with deadlines? Do you plan for them, or do you ignore them as they loom, forcing you to go crazy at the end? Inquiring minds want to know!

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