Thursday, April 9, 2015

Future Picks—What would you like to read?

People who read my blog often know I’m always on the hunt for something new to read. I’m positively addicted to a good story. With that in mind, I’ve been studying the Twitter hash tag MSWL, manuscript wish list, and imagining which new tales I might devour.

At Twitter’s #MSWL, agents, editors, publishers and other literary professionals detail what they’d like to see.

Here are thirteen I’d love to read.

  1. Veronica Park @VeroniKaboom  Mar 18 I love awkwardness, wit, and barely-there romances I can ship. #MSWL
  2. Garrett Marco @garrett_marco · Feb 18
Steamy Fantasy Romance. The three best words. #MSWL 
  1. Jennifer Azantian @jenazantian · Mar 3
I'd love to see some fantasy that plays at the edges of our world. Think @neilhimself 's AMERICAN GODS or NEVERWHERE. #MSWL
  1. Susan Hawk: A MG mystery or detective novel, especially with a historical element. Think FROM THE MIXED UP FILES or CHASING VERMEER.  Fast-paced, with complex characters. 
  2. Erin Harris @ErinHarrisFolio · Mar 6
#MSWL I want a beautifully written YA fantasy with great world building, in the vein of Red Queen and The Darkest Part of the Forest!
  1. Brian Geffen @Brian_Geffen  Mar 27
#MSWL Dark, dangerous, gritty YA that pulls no punches. Thrillers and mysteries in particular. A bit of strangeness is also welcome.
  1. Talia Benamy @taliabenamy  Mar 27 Do you have any books with awesome girl protagonists who break gender stereotypes? Send them my way!
  2. Uwe Stender @UweStender  Apr 4 I found 4 truly funny YA/MG manuscripts in 3 years. But I want to laugh more. Humor, wit, and great writing is my dream team. #MSWL
  3. #MSWLLaura Zats @LZats  Apr 2
#MSWL lighthearted SF for adults
  1.  Angela James @angelajames · Feb 23
I am *incredibly* interested in acquiring, publishing & building a shifter-focused paranormal romance series. I still want PNR!!#MSWL
  1. Michelle Witte @michellewitte · Feb 18
Anything that can be described as: gothic, creepy, eerie, spooky, sinister, surreal. Related: weird, odd, strange, bizarre, quirky. #MSWL
  1. Kathleen Rushall @KatRushall · Feb 18
Got a diverse or multicultural YA fantasy w/ beautiful writing, strong world-building and a kickass voice? I'm your girl.#MSWL
  1. Stacey Friedberg @StaceyFriedberg  Apr 1
I am aching for a beautifully written, super creepy YA or MG. Serious cravings, you guys! #mswl

What do think? Do any of the ideas sound like novels you’d like to read? What would you like to see? Leave a comment and let me know. Thanks.



  1. Lots of YA and fantasy requests. Looks like the sub-genre will be holding strong a while.

    1. Alice,
      I hope so, or it might be just my preference.

  2. Like Alice, the YA/Fantasy requests jumped out at me. I have the last Rick Riordan YA/F, Blood of Olympus, in Mount TBR, but need a long do-nothing weekend so I can devour it as I did the previous book in that series. My blooming T13

    1. Oh, I haven't read Blood of Olympus but it sounds good.

  3. I was glad to see the word "gothic" in there. I always did like the gothic romances.

  4. #12 reminds me of the preview I saw for an upcoming MFTV movie about Lizzie Borden. Both gave me a chill. So I'd choose that one.