Thursday, January 22, 2015

Thirteen Facts You Might Not Know

Rumor has it that the characters authors create possess elements of their creators’ personality. I’m not sure that’s always true, but in this instant, it might be.

I love doing research and learning new things and fortunately in my latest fiction endeavor I’ve got a brainy character who likes to drop facts into his everyday conversations, so here are thirteen bits of trivia, my character knows that you might enjoy.

  1. Blood is complex. There are 250 million separate cells in each blood drop. (Mastoff, 18)
  2. You’ve much more hair than you think.  An ordinary or normal person possesses about five million hair follicles. (Mastoff, 35)
  3. But don’t sweat it. You’re probably not visibly hairy. Most of those hairs are vellus hairs, those really fine baby hairs you can barely see.  (Mastoff, 35)
  4. Speaking of sweat, would you like to know how much you perspire? If you’re an average human on an average day, you sweat about four cups. (Mastoff, 21)
  5. Four cups sounds like a lot of liquid, but guess what? You actually produce about a quart and a half of spit, politely called saliva a day. (Mastoff, 121)
  6. What do we do with that much saliva? We eat. For us to taste food, we have to mix that food with saliva. (Seuling, 7)
  7. And the average person eats about 1095 pounds of food a year or about three pound of food a day. (Mastoff, 121)
  8. That’s about a pound less than the average human brain. It weighs in at about four pounds. (Seuling, 7)
  9. But most of the brain’s weight comes from water. (Seuling, 7)
  10. Some other interesting facts about the brain are, according to You Blink Twelve times a Minute: And Other Freaky Facts about the Human Body, it takes about ten watts of electricity to power a brain. (4)
  11. And if you stub your big toe, it takes less than a second of the sensation of pain to register in your brain. (Seuling, 4)
  12. Technically the brain doesn’t experience pain itself because it doesn’t have any pain receptors. (Greenwald)
  13. Still it’s important to care for your brain because unlike the rest of the body, it doesn’t replace the cells it loses. (Seuling, 5) That said, the brain makes new connections, even clusters of connections when we learn (Stephens) and that’s an over simplification of the process, but it’s encouraging to me and I hope it encourages you.

As you’re reading this blog, your brain may be making some new connections. Thanks for stopping by and if you have an interesting fact or opinion to share, please leave a comment.

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  1. Those are some great facts. I had no idea about some of those. And I'm glad you found the new link to Thursday Thirteen! Glad to see you there.

    1. Yeah, I'm glad we can still connect and I appreciate your visit.

  2. Some interesting facts -- guess we're all making new connections today. Thanks for visiting! ☺

  3. I'm a trivia freak, in general, but had only heard a couple of these before. Thanks (I guess).

    1. I'm a trivia freak, too, which is why I post stuff like this. :)

  4. Oh. And that's a bunch of sweat!

  5. Thanks! That's music to my ears! Exactly what I was hoping someone would say.

  6. Fascinating. The saliva stuff was a little gross, but that won't stop me from trying to work it into conversation.


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