Thursday, June 19, 2014

The 2014 Write Touch Conference

Have you ever been to conference?  I went to the Wisconsin Romance Writers’ Write Touch Conference this weekend and I’m still thinking about what a good time I had. Here are thirteen of my favorite moments.
Kate MacEachern
  1. I got to catch up with one of my long distance critique partners.
Liz Pelletier
Liz Pelletier took us to school. She used the Save the Cat screen writing structure to help us improve our plots. 
Jade Lee
  1. Jade Lee helped us develop our characters and clarify their goals, motivations and conflicts.
Carrie Lofty
  1. Carrie Lofty showed us how the Myers-Briggs personality classifications can help us understand ourselves and also create great characters.
Cheryl Yeko
  1. Cheryl Yeko let me practice my pitches with her.
Leah Hultenschmidt and Rebecca Sherer

  1. I finally got to thank Leah Hultenschmidt for the encouragement she gave me on a one of my first contest finals when I was a newbie writer and wondering if I should continue writing or switch to basket weaving or something.
Eric Ruben
  1. I got to pitch my latest manuscript to Eric Ruben,
Michelle Grajkowski
  1. Michelle Grajkowski, and
Rebecca Sherer and Adam Wilson
  1. Rebecca Sherer. Even though I stumbled through my log lines, they listened and nodded at the right moments. Maybe they were just being polite, but I enjoyed talking with each agent and I think they’d all be great to work with.
Kat and Lee de Falla
  1.  I got to talk with my friends and make new discoveries about them like: Kat’s husband Lee can really play the guitar,
Jody Allen
  1. not only is Jody Allen into history, she likes Steampunk, and
Gina Maxwell and Jade Lee
  1. in addition to writing the romances I love reading, Jade Lee has a fun sense of humor.
Kristin Bayer, Barb Britton, Liz Lincoln and Liz Czukas
  1. There were other awesome workshops, a book sale and all kinds of food I could also mention, but number goes to how seamlessly the weekend--the award luncheon, the pitch sessions, the activities, the discussions, and everything came together. Many thanks to Liz Lincoln and Liz Czukas and their conference team.

I started this post asking if you’d been at a conference. Have you? What was your favorite activity? Please share.


  1. Sounds fun! I love conferences!


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  2. I've been to a couple of conferences. I always enjoy them. I like learning new things but mostly I enjoy seeing old friends and making new ones. I have used the Myers Briggs to create characters; I think it works well for that.

    1. I like seeing friends, too. I haven't tried Myers-Briggs categories to create characters yet, but I'd like to try the concept.

  3. Looks like you had a good time, and what a coincidence -- I read a novella by Jade Lee just last week. Thanks for visiting! ☺

    1. Oh, cool. I've just gotten her Bridal series.

  4. Went to the Iowa Summer Writers' Conference years ago. A whole week and a weekend session, too. Very worthwhile. Got to study/write w/ Phil hey of The Briarcliff review. Great time. Couple more years & I'll be retired, hopefully will have time to attend lots more conferences.

    1. The Iowa Summer Writers' Conference sounds fun.

  5. I've never been to a conference. They're generally too far away, cost too much, or both. Sounds like a positive gathering!
    Thank you for visiting Poetry of the Netherworld.

  6. Helena,
    It was positive and I also liked visiting your blog.

  7. Sounds like fun. I haven't been to a conference for ages.

    1. Shelley,
      Yep, the conference was. Thanks for stopping by.

  8. Very interesting people. The last conference I have been to was an academic/research kind.

  9. It looks like you had a great time!

    I'm currently jazzed about going to my yearly sci-fi/fantasy convention over the weekend of July 4th.

    1. Emilie Peck,
      Have fun at your sci-fi/ fantasy convention. :)

  10. Yes, I've been to a writers conference. It was the Las Vegas Writers Conference by the Henderson Writer's Group. I loved pitching my novel and I loved the screen writers session with Tom Sawyer, head writer of Murder She Wrote.

    Thank you for visiting The Food Temptress!

  11. A conference in Las Vegas sounds perfect.