Friday, May 9, 2014

Ants or Zombie Ants? I Prefer the Latter.

Recently, I've been battling ants. I live in Tennessee and the ant, it would seem, is our state animal. They are everywhere! I am miserable.

"Welcome to TN, I'll be your guide..."
photo credit: Budzlife via photopin cc

So, while I invest heavily in the Raid corporation and whip up every "guaranteed non-toxic ant killer" recipe Pinterest has available, I'm seeking comfort from the encroaching horde the only way I know how... by wishing zombieism on each and every one of the nasty vermin. And for once, this isn't just a wild hope (not that I actively hope for a zombie apocalypse or anything, I just believe in preparation). Unlike humans, ants ARE susceptible to a parasite that causes zombie-like tendencies and, you know, a horrific death that is really just, in my mind, a bonus. This is a very short video clip from the BBC's Planet Earth series that explains the phenomena. Only 1 minute 50 seconds in length, it is WELL worth watching.

I get an indecent amount of joy from this clip. I particularly love the parts where the narrator says (in a lovely British accent, I might add) the fungus "...erupts from the ants head" and "...any ant in the vicinity will be in serious risk of death." As beautiful as any poetry, those phrases. But my absolute favorite line in the entire clip? "The fungus is so virulent it can wipe out whole colonies of ants."

Oh. Yeah.

Cordyceps: 1, Ants: 0

I'll take a zombie ant over a regular one any day!


  1. Oh through my own infestation...I get your joy. Where can we pick up some of these Cordyceps spores?! I want a whole jar of the little suckers.

    1. LaLa, I know, right?! I just want to litter my yard with them (who am I kidding, my counter tops and cupboards as well), pop some popcorn, and revel in the destruction.

  2. Eww. Now I shall have nightmares of evil things sprouting out of my head! Thank you...I think. Interesting, though. I shall also worry that this fungus will mutate and cross over to mammals, then up to the food chain finally settling on humans. It's amazing how far I can take something. Don't do this to me again, Gretchen. LOL

    1. LOL,sorry Cheryl!

      I also tend to take things a little too just a warning that you may not want to read any of my zombie stories, because some of them definitely start that exact way ;-)


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