Monday, March 10, 2014

May You Live In Interesting Times

May you live in interesting times...
Purported translation of a Chinese proverb and curse.

When I first heard this I thought, what curse? This is more of a benediction. Who wouldn't want to live in interesting times? Interesting beats boring, right?
That is until things become so "interesting" that you have to fight to keep your head above water. Which has been my home address for the past two years. In March 2012 I published my first novel, Fire and Blood, a paranormal romance. It was my intent to release book two of the series, Heart of Fire, by the summer of 2012. As we all know, no good intentions (okay, deeds) go unpunished--in my case, go unpublished! Interesting times stepped in and Heart of Fire went on the shelf.

Hi, I'm Cadence, and I'm a single-minded human being. No, I can not multitask. No, I can not write novels and handle social media promotions and work ten hour days.  And, no, I can not afford to quit my day job.
I admit I got sidetracked and writing took the back seat to paying bills.
One thing about creative people--we're creative in many directions. As the manager of a trendy juniors' boutique, I've had to create advertizing campaigns, acquaint myself with Instagram, Pintrest, Twitter, and the old standby: Facebook in order to keep my business relevant.
I've also had to learn how to handle a camera.
The good news: the boutique's business is booming, I have young people fighting to model, and we are considered "the" place to shop.

Of course there's bad news. I have been so single minded in promoting my day job that I've totally neglected my soul's desire - creating compelling worlds, exciting stories, and compelling characters. Then there's the new grandbaby. An additional distraction and added blessing. My beautiful granddaughter was born on my birthday, Sept. 4, this year past. My daughter and son-in-law honored me by giving her my name. Poor child, I hope she fares better!

In November 2013 during NaNowrimo, my best friend and extraordinary author, Livia Quinn, came up with a wonderful spreadsheet that covered anything and everything writerly. She gave me a daily word count that was more than do-able and voila'! Looks like I will have four - count 'em - FOUR new books up by the end of 2014.Check out my Books Page for additional information.
I'll be attending the Romance Novel Convention in Las Vegas in July and cannot wait to meet peers, readers, experts, and most of all, to learn more about my craft.