Friday, October 18, 2013

Halloween Magic

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is fun. One of my favorite things about this time of year is that for a month or so, it seems anything is possible. Even magic.

I have to admit, I believe in magic. No, get that picture of women with pointy hats standing around a big black pot over a fire out of your head. What I mean is everyday magic. Things we take for granted, but that if you stop and think, are actually magical.

The most obvious is the birth of a baby. Yes, I understand the biology. I can talk about DNA, and cell and sperm, and zygote. I understand the stages of pregnancy and labor and birth. And yet, there is something magical, something wonderful, about a new tiny human coming into the world.

To take that a little farther, there’s something quite amazing about a flower pushing its way from a seed and up through the soil to bloom with wonderful colors and sweet scents. The sounds of birds in the morning, the way the sun rises every morning (yes, I know it’s actually the earth moving). In fact the computer I’m typing on is amazing to me. The Internet on which I’m sending this blog to the Otherworld Diner is amazing. People from all around the world connecting and talking and sharing. I think that’s magic.

Just understanding science shouldn’t make us less appreciative of the specialness of us and our world. We modern humans seem to have lost the ability to be awed to be amazed.

To see magic.


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