Tuesday, August 6, 2013

How do YOU know when Summer's over?

This year I've been asking as I usually do of my young customers, "Are you ready for school to start?" and unlike previously years, I have heard only a resounding "No" from them. Some say they have just started enjoying their Summer and school starts next week, just as some serious heat sets in. Usually we have more heat before now but the last two years it's only been in the upper nineties, until now.

My snowball stand is booming in the Spring when kids are in school and they enjoy a reward for making it through the day. At about fifteen after school lets out I get the flood of customers wanting their usual "Spiderman", "Cinderella", "Wedding Cake" or anything else I can come up with. But as the Summer approaches and school lets out, it slows down.

I had a truck driver who came through yesterday who was amazed with the 108 degree heat index that I didn't have a line waiting. He said he'd never had a snowball but it sounded like the perfect thing. He got what I call and Xtreme, snowy ice stuffed with ice cream, doused with flavored syrup and condensed milk on top.

But that's usually how I start feeling the end of Summer. Business gets slower, parents start drooping, and I start hearing about football training camps. Yay! I'm ready for some football even preseason which starts next week.

How do YOu know Summer's coming to an end? And are you ready?


  1. The question over here in the past few years hasn't applied, Livia, because summer never really got going. This year, though, it's like the good old days so, for me, it'll be when the flowers and shrubs in the garden start showing signs they've had enough, throw their seeds all over the place and start getting ready to sleep through the dark days.

  2. Hi, Bill I've noticed you have had quite the heat for UK standards. Bet you've got some gorgeous flowers. We actually had a wetter early spring and early summer this year and thought we were going to escape the blinding heat we usually get. Not so, and allergy season is in full 'bloom'. Thanks for dropping by.


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