Monday, August 19, 2013

Comprehending Twitter for a Social Networking Idiot

I'll admit it. I don't understand Twitter. My eyes glaze over as I watch the tweets wiz by at light speed in the few minutes I'm on it each day. It seems like you have to live on Twitter 24/7 and wade through a lot of gibberish to catch any tidbits worthwhile. Maybe it's my social media ignorance showing, but the whole thing boggles my mind. But I'm trying to get better at it.

I follow authors I read and who write books similar to what I write (mostly paranormal romance). I also follow those same authors' followers who are readers. I figure if they like those authors' books, they might also like mine. There's no sense in following authors who write non-fiction or murder mysteries or erotica. I don't write it. I don't read it. There's also no reason to follow their readers because they probably don't read what I write.

I follow book bloggers of paranormal romance to see what's trending. I just went through a following binge where I followed a bunch of UK book bloggers. I'm really interested to see what they're reading since I'd really like to break into the UK market.

I don't always auto-follow back other authors. Why? Because if I don't read what they write, I don't need their promo tweets clogging up my twitter feed. Sorry, but it's true. I've also found there are some authors out there who follow massive numbers of people, then unfollow them shortly after to free up their numbers so they can follow more people in an effort to increase their follower numbers. I ask you, if someone has 85,000+ followers, how in the world are they going to see, much less respond, to anybody's tweets?

I try to pay-it-forward. If someone retweets one of my tweets or mentions me or my books or a review, I try to return the favor. Not always right away, but if they tweet something interesting, I'll retweet it for them.

I try to tweet about non-writing things. I know I get bored with all the constant self-promo from some of the authors I follow. A little is fine, but a promo tweet every 15 minutes all day long is a bit too much. I want my followers to know I'm more than just a writer. I'm a person, too. Hopefully an interesting one on my good days.

One thing I realized as I was writing this post is that I wasn't following over half of the diner peeps on Twitter. Shame on me. I fixed that this morning. *G*


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