Sunday, February 17, 2013

Love After V-Day

Here we are, three days after Valentine’s Day. What do I talk about? March winds, April rains, May flowers? How about romance. After all, though we just passed the Day O’ Romance, who’s to say we have to only think of romance one day a year? Personally, the coolest thing about being a romance writer  is that I get to think of romance 365 days a year, usually without people looking at me as if I were totally nuts. I said usually, okay?

Romance writers are frequently seen as hacks or people whose talents don’t allow them to write “real” novels. Truth is, it’s HARD to write a romance novel. You have to simultaneously bring together and keep apart a man and a woman. Think about real life for a moment.

In the 21st Century, two people who are attracted to each other tend to just jump right in. Not only do they sleep together, they are willing to move in together. Folks are even quick to get married—and just as quick to divorce.

Romance writers play matchmaker for fictional heroes, heroines, weres, vamps, aliens, other creatures, or any combination thereof. But then, we have to pull them apart and put up a wall. BUT, the wall has to have enough holes in it that the two victims characters don’t lose interest. And we like doing this.

And why are we considered nuts?

Maybe we’re looked down on by some literary types, but those who read romance want more. And writers are happy to supply the books. In fact, I need to get back to my latest couple.

Have a great weekend!