Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Of Anti-Block and Sea Monsters

Lately, I've been struggling to get any writing project completed. I can't say that it's writer's block. In fact, I think it's the polar opposite...anti-block. Lack of any focus. I have so many ideas and I am unable to settle upon one and diligently pursue writing it onto the page to completion. I must have fifteen projects in various stages of "finish".

So today as I sat down to write on a project called CEMETERY TREE I found myself researching sea and lake monsters such as that allegedly prowling the depths of Loch Ness. (*Photo credit to and Victor Habbick).

As you can tell from the name, Cemetery Tree has nothing to do with monsters...of the water variety anyway. Nevertheless, I am researching "the surgeons photograph", plesiosaurs, and cryptozoology. I'm thinking of names for my own FICTIONAL lake monster (Messie is the current favorite) and I have a fictional lake name to insert into the Lake District of England for use as a setting. I'm plotting a romantic mystery where monster sightings spur murder.

Sound fun? Yeah. Now I just need to write the dang thing before the next idea comes into my head and I dart off in the direction of a newer and shinier plot.


  1. Grin. Sounds like you've got some awesome ideas. You could put them in an idea file. Or you could be like lots of other authors and work on several at a time. Whatever you do, I bet it will be fun.