Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Your Creative Space

When I walked outside yesterday morning to " Mini sled dog wannabe" we stopped at the sound of a large whoosh and bubbling up of water about ten feet from the bayou bank. And up popped the seven foot gator DH had told me about the day before. Apparently he's been hanging around just beyond the brick steps that go down to the bayou.

Our business has been taking all of my time this year and I haven't had a chance to plant flowers around my little outside writing space. But the alligator sighting reminded me of the joy I got from my little creative space last year with the exception of the uneasy feelings when the alligators lay there and watch me write.

There are more creatures of all kinds on the bayou including mosquitoes. This has kept me from making the best use of my favorite spot most of the year. I don't know why it took me so long to thing about it but last year I bought a 10 by 10 screened in canopy which converted my problematic space because of these pests into a perfect spot on any non-rainy day between 60 and 85.

 Inside I'm safe from bugs but can enjoy the jumping fish, tall graceful herons, deer, birds - and keep an eye on the alligators, or the other way around.

We all have our favorite creative activities and the space that lends itself best to it. Where's yours? Is it a specially designed spot or the eeked out corner of the family kitchen? What do you do there? Write, scrapbook, paint?


  1. I have no particular creative spot, but truly enjoy my back patio with its majestic live oak tree that is home to countless birds and my little black squirrels! My dab of wild life doesn't compare to yours, Liv. Do you keep a stick nearby to fend off unwanted snakes and gators?
    Love the picture of Dusty. What a noble sled dog! :)

  2. He thinks he can take on that alligator having an exaggerated opinion of his own size. I keep a .22 and a shotgun for the snakes, a camera for the wildlife and the phone number of the Alligator Nuisance officer for the alligator lol.

  3. Your welcome, Carolyn. I think I saw where you were house hunting. I'll bet you have a nice writing space.

  4. I've always thought that a study overlooking a pond would be lovely ... but it would be like having a desk that looks out at the Olympic mountains (I worked at a place where I did, and I stared out the windows far more than I should have) or Mt. Rainier: too pretty, too distracting. No, my little office with windows too high up to look out easily works more efficiently!

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