Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Parallel Universes

Feel like you’re living in a parallel universe?
Some of us who write paranormal or fantasy fiction probably feel like that a lot.  I know when I’m in the middle of a Kandesky vampire story, I’d rather be in the celeb-driven, uber-wealthy, jet-setting world where Jean-Louis (be still my heart) hangs out.
Ever so much better than dirty laundry, cat hair in the corners, windows that make LA smog look clear and unpaid bills.
I think it’s normal to want to run off with your characters.
But a truly bizarre parallel universe connects with me through my webpage.
When I signed my first book contract, the publisher said I had to put up a web page.  OK, then.
I leaned on my way-tech-savvy son-in-law and my daughter and, voila, they’d registered my domain name and pulled a site together.  It had the basics and now that I’m about to publish my third book, sadly needs updating and way more care than I’ve given it in the past.
I have a lurking fear, though, that the other universe will know it’s been updated and try even harder to get in touch with me.
Now, I can go to the comments section and interact with the people who live in some other universe.
They must be highly educated because they speak a number of languages, such as  “Магазин электронных сигарет: английские электронные сигареты, смактроник электронная сигарета, телемагазин электронная сигарета, электронные сигареты вднх, электронные сигареты понс магазины. Сайт.”
They’ve also studied medicine and want to help me stay well because I get offers. “Benazepril Vasten No Prescription Amiloride Hydrochlorothiazide No Prescription Order Moduretic Pharmacy buy Lasix no rx cheap Amoxicillin Names Prozac Buy Online Generic Name My Prescription Solution Tramadol Cod Diet Lasix Medication Fluid Retention tramadol 40 mg Prozac Gasoline Amoxicillin Kids Drug G Spot And Viagra Age Related Viagra Fioricet Online Canada Take Vitex And Prozac Together Sildenafil Citrate No Prescription Week”
And at least one of them is involved with current interests and culture when she says “I am use lida web slimming caps. I want listen so f what with metallica”
Not everybody on the other side shows a god-like presence, though.  One poor soul asked me—me of all people—“How do i start a website and what is the approximate cost?”
It’s comforting to know that the economic recession has hurt the other side.  They used to try and sell me Ugg boots and Louis Vuiton purses, but no more.  I guess I’ll know when their economy hits the pits—they’ll be wanting me to help them refinance their house or pay for their bankruptcy.
I suspect I could install a spam filter.  Nobody emails me, a middle-aged woman, offers for penis-enlargement or Viagra any more.  If I block all the spam comments on my site, it kinda takes the fun out of my contact with one of the parallel universes, those beings who so want us to talk to them!
* * * * * * * *

Michele Drier’s second book in the Kandesky vampire series, SNAP: New Talent, goes live on Amazon this week. Visit her website at


  1. Nice cover Michelle. The gray and red together is slick.
    I hope you have many sales. And I've been to your world, Ugg boots reign supreme. :-))

    Cora Blu

  2. They talk to you too? And here I thought I was the only one. Still, I wish the 'others' would realize I don't have a penis. *G*

  3. I don't know whether to be intrigued or annoyed by some of the spam that I get. Some of it's in Cyrillic, and I took a year of Russian in college, so sometimes I stare at it and try to sound out the words ... and then realize IT'S SPAM. And so I delete it!

  4. Great cover, Michelle! And yes I know exactly what you mean. :)

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