Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Luncheon Not Soon Forgotten: Barbara Vey's Reader Appreciation Event

Ever have one of those experiences you wish you could replay again and again?

I did this week. I attended Barbara Vey's Reader Appreciation event in Milwaukee.

At the door, I was given a gift bag filled with books -- something every reader appreciates. I liked that, but I l-o-v-e-d getting to eat lunch with many of my favorite authors.

Header courtesy of samulli

Maybe they’re on your list of must-read writers, too. If not, I’ll introduce them.
Marjorie M. Lui and Me

1. Marjorie M. Liu pens The Hunter Kiss series. I actually got to talk to Marjorie, asking about her heroine Maxine Kiss, who keeps the world safe by fighting alongside the demon tattoos that cover her skin. I can’t wait to read her latest book, "The Mortal Bone."
Mia Marlowe

2. Mia Marlowe has a cool feature on her blog called Red Pencil Thursdays. She and her readers give aspiring authors help on creating awesome beginnings. I had been following Mia’s online critiques and recently I purchased her novel, Touch of a Thief, and I loved it. I knew Mia gave good advice, but I didn’t fully realize she was an awesome writer until I bought that book. Now I’m looking forward to reading her next book, Touch of a Rogue.

Cathy Maxwell

3. Cathy Maxwell has written 26 Regency-era romances. I’ve read A Scandalous Marriage, The Earl Claims His Wife, Married in Haste, and Falling In Love Again. A confession: One of my bucket-list goals is to read Cathy’s entire collection.
Laura Scott

4. Laura Scott creates stories for Harlequin’s Love Inspired Suspense Line as well as medical romances, while at the same time juggling a full-time job as a nurse. She’s what I hope I’ll be whenever I grow up.
Leanna Renee Hieber and fans

5. Leanna Renee Hieber specializes in Gothic Victorian fantasy novels. Her latest: Darker Still: A Novel of Magic Most Foul. I look forward to reading it.

Lori Handeland

6. Lori Handeland has won the Rita Award twice, but I was excited to find out about her William Shakespeare Undead series because I think it’s a classic mash up and there will be zombies involved.

Jade Lee and fans (She's in the middle.)

7. In addition to being a USA Today best-selling author, Jade Lee was witty and great to talk to. I recently picked up her book, Engaged In Wickedness.

B. A. Binns is on the left.

8. B.A. Binns writes young-adult romances that feature “real boys growing into real men.” Her book, Pull, won the 2010 National Readers Choice award.
Lori Devoti and Amy Knupp

9. Lori Devoti writes stories in paranormal romance, contemporary romance, urban fantasy and young-adult books. She also teaches writing. Her novel, The Witch Thief, was a top pick with Romantic Times magazine.

Heather Graham
 10. Heather Graham, who has written more than 100 novels, was keynote speaker. I haven't read any of her stories, but I liked her voice and the compelling anecdotes she shared. I’m going to look for her work, perhaps her latest book, The Unseen.
Victoria Alexander

11. Victoria Alexander gave crowns to everyone at her table. She’s a skilled writer, a New York Times best-seller, in fact, and a tolerant woman. She put up with me taking all kinds of pictures. Her advice for pre-published writers; “Don’t give up. You improve with every word you write.”
Debbie Giusti is on the left.

12. I like Debbie Giusti’s motto, “Faith with an edge…cross my heart.” Her books include Nowhere to Hide, Scared to Death, and Killer Headline. What I’m looking for is her latest novel, The Officer’s Secret.

Barbara Vey
13. Barbara Vey is as kind in person as she is in her blog, Beyond Her Book She organized this event and put in hours and hours to make the event special for all readers -- and it really was. Thanks, Barbara. I had lots of fun meeting people who write the stories I love. I'm sure other readers did, too.

How about you guys, do you have a favorite author? Who is it? Please share.

If you’d like to see more pictures, here’s a link to Picasa. 


  1. Sounds like it was a fun event! I confess, I have never read Barbara Vey, but have read three of the authors on your list--one of whom I won't buy anymore after the last book I picked up by this best-selling author was so riddled with typos and errors I felt cheated out of my money. We're not talking an occasional mistake, it was almost every page of a 300+ novel. I never felt so disgusted with a book!

    Some of my favrorite authors: Cathie Linz, Toni Blake, Rebecca York, Julie Miller, Kate Collins, Casey Daniels, NR, Elizabeth Lowell, Catherine Coulter, Iris Johansen, Kay Hooper, Charlaine Harris... I've had the pleasure of meeting a few of these ladies.

  2. Heather,
    I knew you'd have lots of favorite authors. Isn't it fun to meet them?

  3. Sounds like it was a great event. As for a favorite author I think I have at least three per sub-romance genre. Just a few would be Lori Foster, Melissa Schroeder, and Lydia Dare, and a new to me author Shannon Stacey.

  4. It as a great event, Brenda, and you took some great photos. Have to mention that at the next WisRWA meeting.

  5. Rita Sawyer,
    I'm not familiar with Shannon Stacey, but I'm always looking for a new author to read. Thanks.

  6. Liz Kreger,
    Thanks. I know I snapped a few good pictures of you and your daughter. :)

  7. I'll have to make note of these names - I'm not familiar with most of them!

    Happy TT!

  8. Oh, fun! I'm going to check out some of these authors now!

  9. It was a fun event. You took great pictures, too!

  10. Kimberly,
    I didn't know all the authors either, but I'm definitely going to check out their work. I like finding new series to read.

  11. Lynn Daue,
    Thanks, I bet they'd like you to visit their sites.

  12. Thanks, Edie,
    I try and I really did have fun.

  13. A lot of talented and prolific writers!

  14. It sounds as if you had an awesome day. Favorite author? That's tricky, but at the moment I'd have to say Elizabeth Hoyt.

  15. What fun! Thank you so much for sharing the pictures and telling us a bit about each author. :)

  16. Wow, what a great event. I am so glad you got to go!

  17. Colleen,
    I agree. They are awesomely talented.

  18. Shelley,
    I had a great time. I've never read Elizabeth Hoyt, but I'd like to.

  19. Carolyn Rosewood,
    Thanks. I really appreciate your visit.

  20. CountryDew,
    Yeah, it was fun. I'm really glad I got to go too. Thanks.

  21. Thanks so much for sharing all your pics and impressions, Brenda. It was a lovely day!

  22. Hello Brenda. I liked reading about all the authors. The tidbits intrigue me and I might have to explore other authors. As for favorite authors, I would have to say You! Alright I might be a bit bias. I do like a variety of stories. I rely on my library keeping track of the authors I read so I can engage them further. I recently was introduced to a series of 'Good Thief Paris, Vegas...' I enjoy other theme books as well because one gets to know the characters. Joanne Fluke series for example. I like romance as well, but I am more of the reader who prefers the anticipation of getting together. thanks Brenda again for introducing more authors and possibilites of the next story.

  23. FYI Book Boy is my son's blog name. oops

  24. Mia Marlowe,
    I was just getting over being excited about meeting you in person and now you've come to my blog. Squee, thanks.

  25. Book Boy's mom,
    Thanks. I'm glad I'm your favorite author because you're my favorite reader, my friend. :)

  26. Thanks for posting all these pics, Brenda!!! It was a totally fun day!