Monday, April 23, 2012

The Joys Of House Hunting

So here we are Sunday afternoon at 3:53 Central Time, 4:53 Eastern Time, in Indianapolis Indiana.

I've driven up Interstate 65 from Nashville before, but the last time was right after an ice storm that swept across Kentucky. Nicole and I were on our way to Louisville to see Wicked for the first time.

I remember nothing but ice-covered broken trees lining the freeway almost from the Kentucky state line all the way up. Louisville was buried under a couple feet of snow. The streets downtown were barely passable in places.

This time everything was green, the skies partly cloudy, and we enjoyed watching the landscape change from rolling to hills to flat farmland. Indianapolis reminds me a lot of Columbus Ohio. There is farmland and forest on either side of the freeway, then the city rises up out of ground like someone dropped it there from above.

I had maps and we had our GPS, but honestly it's very easy to find your way around here. As soon as we exited the freeway we were struck by the amount of stores and restaurants! If the entire city is like this we won't lack for shopping or eating here. We're staying in the northeast section near where the new office for my real job will be, and it's very pretty. Upscale with wide streets and lots of trees.

The hotel isn't terrible. Not the best nor the worst I've stayed in. We had to change rooms because the A/C wasn't working in ours and it was a connecting room. I have this thing about wanting my hotel room to be as QUIET as possible (HA! HA!) and it's been my experience that connecting rooms usually don't make that possible. And since hotel rooms are (to me, at least) always too damn hot, I crank up the A/C.

Hubby is resting right now while I play on the Internet. He drove all the way up here and we only stopped once to eat.

Monday morning and hubby and I were up early to have the free breakfast at the hotel. They don't tell you it's free because no one would pay for it. If that was Starbucks coffee I'm Nora Roberts. We split a bagel and a half ripe banana then got on the freeway to the find the VA Hospital in Indy. This town is pretty easy to get around. The streets are well-marked and the freeways remind us of Cleveland (original home). The city even looks like it a little bit.

We found the hospital and I wrote over 2,000 words in the lobby while hubby had his interview. What would I do without my iPod? I mean, how else could I write while sitting in a hospital lobby?

Then we came back to the area near the hotel and had a REAL breakfast at Perkins. Haven't eaten there since we lived in Ohio! YUM!!

This afternoon we meet with the realtor and begin looking at houses!! I'm so excited!!

Spoke too soon about being excited. It's Monday evening now and we still have three more to see in the morning, but it's not going well.

Note to all homeowners: you may think you'll be in your home for the rest of your life but chances are you'll be selling that puppy. Here are some tips:

(1) Don't do a do-it-yourself wiring job for that big screen TV-sound system-God only knows what in the basement. Cause when you take the TV and furniture out of the basement, it looks like hell and all the potential buyer can think of is "how do I get these hideous wires out of here?"

(2) Roof issue? Water leak? Hey, it happens. While I appreciate the two year old roof telling me you fixed the issue, I don't appreciate the water stains on the drywall and ceiling, or the crappy job you/your husband/your drunk brother-in-law did on patching the drywall/ceiling. Spend another few hundred dollars and have a pro do it, because now if I buy your home (which I probably won't) I'll have to have it done because it's horrible.

(3) If you need to replace the carpeting in your home, replace it. Or at least disclose how stained and GROSS it is in the pictures so I don't waste my time looking at your home.

(4) CLEAN YOUR HOME ONCE IN A WHILE. IT SMELLS LIKE A PIG STY. Why would I want to buy a 7 year old home that's so whipped and smelly I have to wonder if you've been sacrificing goats indoors or something? Answer: I would NOT.

(5) If you finish your basement, DO NOT ... I repeat DO NOT close off the pipes, water main shut off, or gas main shut off. DUH. These things are sort of kind of IMPORTANT and the new owners will most likely have to break through the drywall at some point and ACCESS them.

So... wish me luck tomorrow!!


  1. All these things are why we have lived in our house for twenty-two years, Carolyn: the hub hates to move, I hate to move, and he hates to house hunt. Good luck!

  2. Thanks for these tips on prepping your home for a sale. Keeping the house well-maintained and tidy will make it easier to sell it, should the need arise. But it wouldn’t hurt to give it a final inspection and have pros fix stuff up before you put that puppy in the market. Anyway, I hope you guys are doing well in your new home. Cheers!

    Devin Newton @ Indy Market Homes