Saturday, April 14, 2012

Game of Thrones Season One Mini Review

I've always loved the fantasy genre. SF and romance, too, but most of all fantasy. When HBO decided to make Martin's Game of Thrones into a series, I was definitely intrigued. What's more, it's hubby's favorite genre for reading, too.

However, we don't get HBO so I knew we'd need to wait for the DVDs. We heard so many good things about it we didn't struggle over the decision to purchase them when they were released. We also do that for True Blood. (Note: I haven't read the GoT books, but I have read the Sookie books.)

Long story short, we watched all 10 episodes of GoT in the space of a couple weeks. That's super fast for us, because we have maybe an hour a day free time, tops. Here's my mini review of the season:

Violence like WHOA, darkness, angst, nudity, gaggy incest, men who need baths, freaky stuff that might haunt you, intricate worldbuilding, not enough chicks, and some things that made me want to punch the writers in the no-no place. I'd give it a solid B. Very absorbing even if there wasn't much about it that gave me the happy. Plus I heard some rumor winter is coming, I dunno, those people were all really depressed. I think they had seasonal affective disorder, even the Huns, I mean, the Dothraki, with their grassland and Mediterranean climate sunshine.

We'll doubtless get season 2 when it's available as well. I kind of want to be watching it at the same time as the rest of the world, but then I'd miss the experience of powering through the whole thing in a short time. Feels more like a luxury that way.

What about you? Like to watch with the rest of the world? Hoard it up and overdose? Don't watch stuff like GoT anyway because it's too grody?

Jody W.  *


  1. I will no doubt see it on my own because the hub is not big on fantasy, but I'm sure looking forward to seeing it. Now, where did I put those books?

  2. Haven't had the chance to watch it but did enjoy the books. Thanks for the review! :)

  3. I am actually not a fan of high fantasy. Surprising, huh? I love the paranormal and the fantastical, but I like it to be rooted (or hidden within) a world I find familiar, or at very least to have a main character or characters from a familiar world, thrown fish-out-of-water style into the fantasy land (I have suspension of belief issues after a certain point). That said, I love GoT. I didn't really expect to, but the first season grabbed me and, if I'm being honest, I like the second season even more!

    There are, thankfully, FINALLY some decent female characters showing up. Not many, but enough to make an improvement.

  4. Good to know it wasn't just my standard gripe about the female characters, then. Next thing you know I'll be saying they handle the romances poorly *heh* (sorta...)