Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I Want To Bite Your Neck

I'm writing a vampire story. It's a short and I hope to sub it for an anthology. I swore I'd never write a vampire story, but it really fits to make my hero one of the undead. I'm trying to avoid every stereotype in my prose, but dang it's difficult. There are so many of them, and let's face it ... the theme has been well played out.

But readers still seem to go gaga (and not in the Lady way) for them, so... I thought I'd list some of my favorite vampire movies. Yes, I've been watching them for inspiration, and maybe that new idea or twenty.

Vampires Suck ~ 2010. This was the one that spoofed the Twilight saga.

Interview With The Vampire ~ 1994. Loved the book, and the movie did it justice.

Blade ~ 1998. Yeah. No need to elaborate here.

Underworld ~ 2003. Some really cool special effects in this one.

Forever Knight ~ 1989 to 1996. Not a movie, but a TV show that I was so sad to see end.

Son of Dracula ~ 1943. Campy and hysterical.

Bram Stoker's Dracula ~ 1992. Cream of the crop. Lush and scenic.

Salem's Lot ~ 1979. Based on the novel by Stephen King. Need I say more?

Nosferatu ~ 1922. Still the scariest of them all.

Dark Shadows ~ 1966-1971. We lived to watch this show every afternoon.

Did I list your favorite?


  1. Love the "Underworld" movies. Kind of my guilty pleasure! I also liked the movie "Near Dark".

  2. I got bored with vampires back when I was nine, after Dark Shadows ended. (Yes, I was one of the youngsters who ran home to watch, goggle-eyed, and have been mourning since.) That said, there was a Karen Harbaugh Regency novel using the vampire theme that I found charming!

  3. Monica's a huge fan of Moonlight, which was a short-lived TV series. Vampires show up in all sorts of urban fantasy I enjoy, but I wouldn't say they are "vampire" novels per se.

  4. Thanks for sharing, Adonis, Eilis and Jody! :)

  5. I'm a huge fan of the Buffy/Angel series and original Buffy movie. I love the combo of horror, pathos, and humor. And I'm a sucker for Whedon.

    I also adored Forever Knight. The movie that started the series starred Rick Springfield as the vamp cop. How can you not love that? :>

  6. Oh, and I have to add The Lost Boys and Near Dark to my list of fav vamp movies. Keifer Sutherland and Bill Paxton, both young and with fangs. Love it.

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