Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What's New is Old

When I was ironing my starched, big, flowered pocket handkerchief this morning for my first day working at the Otherworld Diner, I wondered what I was going to chat with the customers about.

Nice weather we’re having?
Well, yeah, if you like spring so early the blossoms are already blowing off the trees.
What happened to winter?
Lord and the TV weatherman only know. It’s so dry, I’ve had to water the lawn. And the iris? I think this is the year they’re gonna fergeddaboutit.
Gone skiing yet?
Hah, are you kiddin? Unless you live in the wilds of Serbia, there’s not enough snow on the mountains to slide down on the old refrigerator box.
Ahhhh...How about them Oscars?
OK, everybody has a comment to make about a black-and-white silent movie walkin’ away with the Best Picture award.
Me, I’m pleased. My pals, the Kandesky vampires, were pretty happy, too. A bunch of their celebs who worked in silents hadn’t had parts for years. Now that silents are back, the Kandeskys can bring back all their old family members—and by old, we’re talkin’ three, four hundred years—and get ‘em back in the limelight where they belong.
As the Baron always said, people have long memories, and once one of the family’s vampires has been a celeb for a century or so, people start rememberin’ what they look like.
But now, wow. We can bring back a bunch of folks who were stars and celebs before talkies and they can star in the new silents!
As they say, wait long enough and everything old is new again!