Monday, February 13, 2012

Livia Quinn, Kitchen Supervisor

We all know the if the food ain't right, the customers aren't coming back. It's a team effort and with someone tending to the pies and breads, this kitchen boss spends her time making sure the portion control is maintained, you know, the balance between character and story, mystical and real, sexy and sweet. But watch out - if there's a storm (and there’s always a storm in Livia’s worlds) she will be corralling everyone into the bathrooms and walkins cause nothing' creates tension like a Louisiana hurricane. Bring a crowd and sit down for Livia's specialty - Hot Boiled Crawfish and afterwards cool off with a Snow Ball Supreme.

Livia has plenty of inspiration for her series set in Destiny, Louisiana. She lives by the bayou with her DH, Cocodrie Dundee, pet alligator and Alaskan sled dog-wannabe Pomeranian, Dusty, where she writes about a storm witch/rural carrier and the community of Destiny, La.

Read about her books or visit her blog at
Follow her on FB  or twitter @liviaquinn


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