Monday, February 20, 2012

Indie Author Spotlight: Island Heat

by Jill Myles

Book Blurb:

On a business trip to Bermuda, realtor Diana Holcomb's small plane goes down over the ocean, a victim of the infamous Bermuda Triangle.

Diana wakes up to find herself on a deserted island...that really isn't all that deserted. First, a gigantic dinosaur tries to eat her. Then she's captured by cavemen, and just when things are looking their worst, she's rescued by none other than a gorgeous man with the body of an Adonis and the jungle skills of Tarzan.

Salvador's been stranded on the island for a very, very long time without a woman. A very, very long time. And now that he has Diana, he intends to claim her for his own...

Indie Publishing and the Published Author:

Back in April of 2010, I started a series of posts at the diner called the ‘IT’ Factor. I would review a debut author’s first book and try to figure out what made it stand out enough to catch an editor’s eye. The first book I ever reviewed at the diner was Jill Myles’s GENTLEMEN PREFER SUCCUBI. I absolutely loved it and put all of Myles’s books on my TBR list from then on. Of course, whenever we discover a new favorite author, they never seem to write fast enough. But sometimes it’s not their fault. Sometimes their publishers don’t have enough slots to publish their books quickly (if they are prolific authors). Other times, the publishers want the authors to stick with what works for them (the publishers, not the authors) and don’t want to see anything that steps out of marketing’s comfort zone. This is where indie publishing has been a boon for the published author. Those books the publishers didn’t want, they can now publish themselves.

And Now, On to the Book…

As a kid, I was a huge fan of “Land of the Lost”. The TV show, not the Will Farrell movie remake. Take that cheesy TV series, set it in the Bermuda Triangle and throw in a healthy dose of THE LAND THAT TIME FORGOT and you’ll get ISLAND HEAT. You definitely need to check your reality meter at the door. This is one silly, fun, out of this world book.

I was so there with Diana as she struggled to come to terms with the insanity on the island. A T-Rex sniffing after her as a mid-day snack, then a miniature Neanderthal wanting her to be his cave bunny – too funny. Then the heat factor turns up when she’s rescued by a hot Spanish Conquistador ala Tarzan in a loin cloth. Yum! He’s been stranded on the island way toooo long without a woman and displays a bit of caveman behavior himself when he claims Diana for his own.

Even a Pro Can Make Mistakes:

No book is ever perfect. Typos still manage to slip through in professionally edited NY published books and indie published books often get a bad rap for sloppy editing. While Myles’s book wasn’t riddled with them, there were a few missing or transposed words that had me stumbling a time or two. It just goes to show that even the pros are not infallible.

Plot Hole - *spoiler ahead alert* Seems that nothing is supposed to age on the island. So where does the unending supply of prey for the meat eating T-Rex come from? Apparently, saber tooth cats and prehistoric birds can reproduce young that mature into adults, but humans and cavemen are frozen in time, never aging. Why does the anti-aging of the island only affect the people and not the animals? This was never explained and left me scratching my head.

What makes this book standout:

This book is like other Jill Myles’s books – sexy, steamy and loaded with humor. But I think I know why her publisher didn’t buy it. It’s so far outside the box, it’s in another time zone. But that’s what indie publishing is for. Allowing authors the freedom to have a little fun with their writing and thumb their noses at the marketing departments who rule NY editors with an iron fist. If you want to read something really different that will make you laugh out loud, give this one a try.

And if you want to read another great Jill Myles indie book, read WICKED GAMES, her sexy take on “Survivor” reality TV. It’s not a paranormal, but it’s got that trademark Myles’s brand of humor that I love.

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