Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The diner scene

Wow, this Otherworld Diner business ... it's COOL. It's like the cantina scene in That Famous Movie, except the diner is cleaner and the food is fabulous (the apple pie is to die for). A little less violent. So far. The people watching (so to speak) has a lot in common, though.

There's a diner I go to in my neck of the woods. It's known for its down-home charm and decor (among other things, the place has the best collection of classic and collectible lunch boxes I've ever seen) as well as its food. And the people watching is fun. The waitresses have come and gone through the years -- when I first started to go there, they were mostly students from the nearby community college -- but these days, they're mostly folks who've moved into the neighborhood, liked what they saw, and decided to settle in. Now, I see them at the diner, but I also see them at the supermarket, at the second-run movie theater, at the coffee stand. I like my little diner because it's got a small-town feel in the middle of a city. The customers are a mixed bag too; old folks, young folks, very young folks (shrieking and jumping up and down on the Batmobile ride, part of the decor). And sometimes very odd folks. Yes, it's Seattle's version of the Otherworld Diner.

Now that I'm here at the Otherworld, I'm looking around and liking what I see. It's comfy, it's entertaining...and let me settle into my stool at the counter and see who else comes in!

Eilis Flynn
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STATIC SHOCK, coming soon


  1. Welcome, Eilis! I love diners too. There's something so comforting and friendly about them. :)

  2. Hey Eilis,
    Welcome. You want more coffee while I'm up?

  3. Brenda, ooh! Coffee! Yes, please!

  4. If you stick around long enough, there might even be free pie :)


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