Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Too Much Of A Good Thing!

Too Much of a Good Thing
Belch! We’ve all done it! We’ve all overindulged on that extra piece of chocolate, that second sliver of cake, that additional scoop of ice cream, or my personal favorite, one too many cups of coffee! Our stomachs start to rumble and the gases start to flow and before we know it the horrible pain of indigestion sets in!

In light of our Valentine’s Day Chocolate hangovers, I thought it might be fun to look at a few famous over indulgers throughout history, and hopefully find inspiration to not end up like they did!

1135, Henry I, King of England – King Henry reportedly died of food poisoning after eating too many lampreys, a type of toothed eel. These eels are known for attaching themselves to other fish to suck their blood (similar to leaches). It is reported that this “tasty” dish was a delicacy and one of the King’s favorites. He often ate more than his fill. I’m not sure how much pain the King might have been in when he died from his slippery endeavor, but I bet it really sucked! ;)

1410, Martin Aragon, King of Aragon, Valencia, Sardinia and Corsica – Died as a result of laughing uncontrollably while suffering from indigestion. Have you ever had a case of hiccups that sent everyone into a fit of laughter? Or how about a burping episode that led to bouts of hilarious competition? Come on! You know you have! Martin did and now he knows exactly what it means to be “he who laughs last” but was it best?

1601, Tycho Brahe – This Danish Nobleman was known for his astronomical and planetary observations. A firsthand account tells of his death upon refusing to leave an important banquet in Prague in order to relieve himself, “because it would have been a breach of etiquette.” I too have done the pee pee dance, but I must admit that although I have had a few close calls, I have never let it go until I was seeing stars!

1695, Henry Purcell – One of Britain’s great composers, Henry Purcell supposedly died of pneumonia, but there were two rumored stories that stated otherwise. One said that Henry died after getting sick as a result of staying out too late while carousing with friends; another says he died of chocolate poisoning after consuming some of the impure drink at one of London’s new Chocolate Houses. Either way, it sounds like Henry had “one too many”.

1771, Adof Frederick, King of Sweden – This Swedish King is still studied by school children as teachers site the example, “too much of a good thing”. He died after consuming a meal of lobster, caviar, sauerkraut, kippers and champagne. If that wasn’t enough, Adof topped off dinner with fourteen servings of his favorite dessert, Selma (a cream filled pastry often served with hot milk). Seriously Adof? Fourteen desserts? I imagine our “Man vs. Food” friend would say that Adof got creamed!

1888, Elizabeth Stride – Elizabeth was believed to be the fifth victim of Jack the Ripper. When authorities found her mutilated body, it was reported that she clutched a small bunch of grapes in her lifeless hand. Grapes were extravagantly expensive during this time and many believed that Jack the Ripper used the fruit to lure Stride to her death. I guess we could say that Elizabeth and Jack had a very pressing engagement!

And just in case you are saying, “Okay, all of these people died from rich food, excessive drinking, or wantonness”, here’s a health nut that was a little “cracked”!

1974, Basil Brown – A popular health advocate died after drinking ten gallons of carrot juice in ten days. This is ten thousand times the recommended daily allowance of vitamin A! Basil might have wanted to move to the head of the class and make the grade, but in the long run – Basil got juiced!

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