Sunday, November 27, 2011

Still Time for Harlequin's So You Think You Can Write

This is a repost from Cindi Myers Market News:

All this week Harlequin is holding online workshops in conjuction with its second So You Think You Can Write competition. From November 11 to December 15 you can submit your completed manuscript to the contest. First prize is publication with Harlequin. The winner will be announced March 1, 2012. Even if you don’t plan to enter the contest, the online workshops and bulletin boards have lots of great advice about writing for Harlequin from editors and authors with the line. Check it all out at So You Think You Can Write.

And news from Carina Press:
The Editors at Carina Press recently revealed what they’d especially like to see in their submission in-box:

Rhonda Helms: Steampunk, urban fantasy, gladiators, historicals featuring real historical people

Gina Bernal: military heroes and heroines, romantic adventure — especially pirates, shapeshifters

Melissa Johnson: “deep and difficult conflict” and big stories with series potential

Alison Janssen: space opera, steampunk, redemption stories

Denise Nielsen: gothic suspense, dark characters with secrets

Lynne Anderson: cross-genre, multi-cultural, LGBT

Deb Nemeth: high-stakes thrillers, steampunk, Arthurian fantasy

Elizabeth Bass: historical mysteries, westerns, 20th century historicals

Mallory Braus: a zombie hunter romance, psychics, historical mysteries

Check out all the details here.