Sunday, August 7, 2011

Moon Magick

When you look to the skies at night and see diamond points of sparkling light and an iridescent disk of moonshine, you might feel the magick riding the night wind. The phases of the moon are in tune with the natural world and vice versa, and each phase has its own magickal power.

Many of the things around us have special attachments to the moon. The flowers/plants listed below are specific examples:

Acanthus: The acanthus plant is said to have grown around a pot placed on the grave of a young girl in the ancient Greek city of Corinth, and was so beautiful an architect who saw it was inspired to create the Corinthian column.

Daisy: Represents innocence and is the plant of St. Mary Magdalene. Spring is said to have arrived when you can step on twelve daisies with one foot.

Honeysuckle: Represents devotion, generosity, sweetness, fidelity.

Hyssop: Represents cleanliness and used for fending off evil spirits and energies.

Iris: Represents wisdom, valour, inspiration, ardour, faith and hope. Named after the Goddess of the Rainbow, Iris, who was a messenger on Mount Olympus.

Moonwort: A fern thought to be useful in raising the dead, opening locks and unshoe-ing horses that tread on it. If gathered by the light of the Moon, magical properties will abound.

Myrtle: Represents love and marriage. It's said that if a myrtle bush is planted either side of the door, love and peace will forever be in the household.

Poppy: Represents consolation, moderation.

Speedwell: The name is derived from the story concerning young St. Veronica, who wiped Jesus Christ’s face with Speedwell flowers on his journey to Calvary. This act is said to have given healing properties to the plant.

Wallflower: Represents constancy, sweetness, delicacy.

Water Lily: Represents purity of heart, charm.

White Lily: Represents innocence and modesty and is the Chinese symbol of abundance.

Willow: An aid to dreams, enchantment, wisdom and healing. Particularly associated with Moon Magic, especially willow wands.

The moon is a powerful symbol for otherworlders - witches, vampires, wereanimals and other magickal beings. Keep the power of the moon in your writing.