Thursday, July 21, 2011

13 Interesting Facts About U.S. Gardens and Gardeners

The Badger State is toasting in a 90-plus degree heat wave and what feels suspiciously like 100% humidity. Even in T-shirt and shorts I’m hot, but, undaunted, I’m at work in my garden, sweating, watering, yanking weeds and imagining the salsa ingredients I hope I’m nurturing.
My mind wanders. Are others out weeding today, too? What are they growing?
What do people plant?
If you’re like me, you’re curious. So, as an excuse to cool off, I go to the Internet and conduct some research.

1.In 2008, 36 million people tended a garden.
2.The next year, in 2009, 43 million decided to try their hand at growing things.
3.About 79% of home gardeners have attended or graduated from college.
4.A total of 68% of those plant tenders are over 44 years old.
5.How many of those involved in food growing are female? Some 54%.
6.How much time does a typical gardener spend tending her plants? Five hours a week.
7.The average amount of money spent on one garden: $70 per summer.
8.And what is a typical yield of a vegetable or flower garden? About $530. (So all that weeding and watering does pay off -- and, chance are, I'll get that salsa I’m hoping for.)
9.Which brings me to another topic. I’m raising tomatoes, which, I expect, is typical of the average grower. Yes, I'm right: The most popular vegetable grown is the tomato.

10.One Website says the second most planted vegetable is the pepper while another states that the cucumber ranks second.
11.The third spot goes to either cucumbers or pepper -- depending on the site you choose.
12.The next favorite that people plant is either beans or onions, depending on the Website you trust.
13.And what are other popular vegetables to plant? Carrots, radishes, lettuce, peas, sweet corn, and summer squash.
Do you have a garden? How are your plants doing? What are you hoping to harvest?
I’m an enthusiastic learner as far as horticulture goes. My preferred Website for this kind of information is


  1. All this veggie talk makes me want to plant a garden, but I have a death-thumb that kills everything I touch. Hahaha! I do best with really hardy flowers that don't need any care. Even then, it's a 50-50 chance of survival for the poor things!

  2. We have a very small garden this year, with tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, yellow squash, watermelon and cucumbers. I also have roses. I love gardening!

  3. I'll have to share this with my mom. She loves that garden. Now that all us kids are gone, we have mentioned that perhaps she should move to a smaller house that would be easy to keep up. Her response? That she won't leave her garden.

  4. KendallGrey,
    I'm a fan of really hardy flowers too, but I like having a vegetable garden.

  5. I have roses too. I love admiring them.

  6. The Gal Herself,
    I'm with your mom. When I moved a few years back, I could only take a few plants with me. It was hard to leave my garden, but now, I love the garden I have here.

  7. I love gardening! These are some interesting facts.

    This week’s TT LINKS -BtV - Dreamtime - Storyteller’s Web

  8. Moondancer,
    Thanks. I'll check out your links.

  9. Now I have garden envy. Why'd I have to move to a drought state?

    Happy #T13

    World's Collide

  10. I live in an apartment, but do have access to a garden at work. My favorite things in it are the green beans and zucchini. Other veggies I like (not in this garden) include broccoli, carrots, and brussels sprouts.

  11. Xakara,
    A drought state? Where do you live?
    Is the weather warm?

  12. Heather,
    I love green beans. I've tried to grow them, but things happen so I get them at the Farmer's Market.

  13. Yikes- I've flunked at being a typical gardener :)

    Enjoy your Thursday!

  14. It's winter down here in NZ, but we're eating carrots, broccoli and radishes from our garden. We're also picking mandarins and lemons off the tree plus lots of herbs. It is so satisfying eating stuff you've grown. I can't wait for warmer weather and tomatoes again. They're REALLY expensive at present.

    More and more people seem to be growing things. I think it's great.

  15. I should be weeding! The heat index is just too high for me, though. Sigh... My perennials are mostly doing well. In particular, I'm proud of my Amorphophallus konjac - the foliage is beautiful and the stinky flowers were glorious. I shared a photo on my blog this day. Great minds think alike!

  16. I am Harriet,
    Hang in there. It's cool not to be typical. :)

  17. What a bargain and a very satisfying way to spend time. I just made some pesto and am looking forward to corn.

  18. Shelley Munro,
    Excellent. I wish I were eating at your table with all those fresh veggies.

  19. Darla,
    Thanks for the head's up. I'm coming to check out your garden.

  20. colleen,
    I didn't plant corn, but it sure sounds good.

  21. Great post! We have a pretty big garden, and really enjoy the produce that comes rolling out of it all summer long, even if sometimes it seems like the weeds are winning the battle...

    Happy TT!

  22. sherilee,
    Yeah, weeds are the bane of my garden too--it's a constant battle, but I like the vegetables.

  23. i admire anyone who can make things grow. :)

  24. It's been a while since I last did some gardening. I think i'll go in and plan about having one again...

  25. Carolyn Rosewood,
    Grin. I do too.

  26. Jeff Rivera,
    Do you enjoy gardening? If you do, I highly recommend it.