Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What To Do If You're Not Going to RWA Nationals

A funny thing happened on the way to this week. I decided not to go to New York City. Are you back? Hope that fall off your chair didn't hurt too much.

Here's a list of things I'll be doing this week while I'm not in New York City, braving crowds, a big huge hotel with iffy Internet access, and interesting people on Times Square. Will you join me?

1) Final edits. On two books. That's right, ladies and gentlemen. The woman who ran around Orlando last year with boundless energy, sporting a bright orange First Timer ribbon on that RWA badge (and who would have been sporting her bright pink First Sale ribbon this year), has gone from secretly (and sometimes not so secretly) whining "When is it my turn to be published????" to "Holy Semi-Colons, Batman! Two proof copies due the same weekend!!!"

I'm pleased to tell you I can actually cross this one off the list. Final edits are finished on both Haunted Heart, due out this Friday from Etopia Press and Hunted, due next month from Evernight Publishing. I went through over 100,000 words in 24 hours. NOT recommended, even when you aren't trying to buy shoes and pack for an upcoming trip to NYC.

2) Prepare for a blog hop extravaganza. Not only did we start an Evernight Reader's Group on Facebook recently (like yesterday, or was it the day before? See? I have no idea where I am or what I'm doing! How did I expect to get on a plane this morning???) but we also are in the throes of organizing a blog hop to promote the publisher and our own websites. Fun stuff, but for this technophobe it also gives me hives just thinking about it.

3) Revamp my website. It's too messy and cluttered. I don't like messy and cluttered. But again we have that whole technophobe issue to deal with so something like this takes me more time than the average bear. Or even the average writer.

4) Read and review books. Yeah. Right. My TBR pile is getting so tall I've heard from Rutherford County they're thinking of renaming it the tallest structure in the county. Ha-ha. Those County dudes and dudettes are a laugh a minute. But seriously, I'm woefully behind. Hey, can I help it if I have ultra-talented friends who release books at warp speed?

5) Six Sentence Sunday. Yes, I know it's Tuesday, but I still haven't gone through last week's blog list!!

6) Finish Redemption. This will be the third book in my current series with Evernight Publishing. Did I mention it's only at 12K right now?

7) Pimp Haunted Heart. Yeah, baby. Major pimpage coming up. You might as well get ready for it.

8) Family time. Oh yeah. There are other people living in this house. I have a daughter who's home from college and a hubby who is really, really patient. Would be nice to see them more than once a day when I emerge from my writing room to eat.

9) RITA party! Friday night! With other MCRW chapter mates who aren't going to NYC! Our dear friend and chapter mate Annie Solomon is up for a RITA for Two Lethal Lies!!

10) Sleep. Yeah. Okay. That one's meant to be a joke. :)