Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How Do You Name a Demon?

Marissa Dobson of Sizzing Hot Book Reviews recently sent me a series of questions for my upcoming interview on her site. Since The Last Soul deals with a demon realm I've created, she asked a few intriguing questions about the rules I made up for this world, and how I named my demon characters. Along that vein, I thought it would be fun to explore demon names and their meanings.

I won't repeat what I've already touched on HERE. Suffice it to say I took some liberties with the assigned roles for demons whose names I used in The Last Soul and its sequel, Hunted, coming in July from Evernight Publishing. (Shameless plug over)

The Demon Names page of Angels and Ghosts is where I went first when I was researching demon names for The Last Soul. It's a nice jumping-off place because of the links at the side take you to related sites. In addition, if you go to the "Back to Demons" link at the top, it takes you to the rest of the site where you can find all sorts of information on angels and demons alike.

Weird Encyclopedia is a useful site, although most of the names here are also in the Angels and Ghosts. There's some awesome artwork on this site.

Gods-and-Monsters comes with a warning never to say a demon's name out loud. OOPS. Hope that doesn't apply when one is reading one's WIP out loud as an editing tool, or discussing the work with a friend. (Why doesn't anyone tell me these things??)

Angelfire had some interesting names I didn't find anywhere else. Plus the red text on black background is really fun to read.

And speaking of awesome backgrounds, Mountain State Spirit Seekers Society has my top vote.

Since I'm all about naming the characters, I find this research one of the best parts of starting a new project.


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