Friday, March 18, 2011

Taking Questions for Agent Jenny Bent

On April 5th, Agent Jenny Bent from the Bent Agency ( will be coming to The Otherworld Diner to answer your questions. There will also be a mystery prize for a few lucky winners chosen randomly from those who ask questions. So start posting your questions now - I'll gather them and send them to Jenny and then she'll post her responses on April 5th.

Good luck!


  1. Hi Jenny. Welcome to the Otherworld Diner. Guess I'll go first. *G*

    What's your take on time travel romance? Is it a hard sell or a subgenre that's holding its own, especially now that Dorchester (who I considered was a leading publisher for TTs) has fallen on hard times?

  2. Hi Jenny,

    What trends are you seeing in your slush pile? What are you tired of seeing? What genres are you most excited about? What makes you most excited about a story?

  3. Hi Jenny,
    Although I have friends who have agents, my idea of what an agent does is vague. How many queries do you receive on an average day or week? What do you look for in a query? What typically happens when a person signs with you? What are the steps you and the client go through before a sale? Is there an average time frame to the manuscript selling?

  4. 1) I notice you list commercial fiction as one of your interests. What are your favorite genres of commercial fiction?
    2) I am sure the authors you represent are authors you also read for pleasure! Are there any genres you read for pleasure that you don't represent?

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  6. Hi Jenny. Is it preferable to write a paranormal series, or is there still a market for stand-alone, full-length paranormal romances?

  7. Hi, Jennie,

    I know you don't rep sci fi, but am wondering if you enjoy it in TV and the movies. If so, what are some of your favorite sci fi films/shows?

  8. Hi Jenny,

    I love adventure stories, YA or adult romance, especially those set in unusual places. I also notice they are hard to find on the bookshelves. Do you see many submissions of this type? And do you think the YA market is open to adventure that does not include paranormal aspects?

    Thanks for stopping by the Diner!

  9. Great questions, ladies!! We've got a week or so to ask more - so ASK!

  10. Hi, Jenny. I was wondering what do you think of the "New adult" category of Young Adult fiction? Where do you see it going in the future, or is its time already passed? Thanks.

  11. Hi Jenny,
    In the world of YA what trends would you like to see, what avenues are worth exploring, and are we done with good vampires yet?

  12. Hi, Jenny! How does your author career development work? Do you suggest new avenues of writing, help find marketing partners, sell to excellent publishers--some combination? Thanks! Mary

  13. Hi Jenny,
    Do you think some agents, if approached respectfully, might be open to looking at a significantly revised manuscript? (Especially if their website doesn't specifically outlaw it). If so, what would you recommend that a writer say in the new query?

  14. Hi, Jenny. I've been wanting to ask an agent directly, so since you're kind of a "captive audience" here on the Otherworld Diner, here's my question. What is the minimum word count that you would consider representing? The minimum for fantasy or romance genres, if different? A basic type of question, but since I don't want to offend an agent by sending something too short to be worth her, or his, while. Thanks for answering a newbie type question and for making yourself available to the Otherworld Diner.

    Denise Golinowski

  15. Hi, Jenny and thanks for the opportunity. We sometimes hear things like, "that genre is out, that time period is in" from agents or publishers. Should you write what you think 'they' want, or should you write what you are best at (what you are in love with) even if its not the 'in' thing?


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