Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Pig Farmer and the Pool Boy/Ranch Hand

Hi everyone! I'm Carolyn Rosewood and I'm the newest contributor to this fabulous blog. I thought I'd start off my posts here with a slightly offbeat tale, seeing as how this is a group of paranormal writers and all. No pie with this story, but I'm sure with a plot bunny like this one we can find a way to work in dessert.

This comes to me courtesy of my hairdresser. Let's call her "Donna." Donna has been styling (and coloring *cough! cough*) my hair for five years now, and I wouldn't let anyone else touch it, to be honest. She's awesome. When I went in the other day for my every-six-weeks cut and um... hue adjustment, I showed her the cover art for The Last Soul, and we started talking about romance novels.

Donna has never read a romance novel. It's true. Donna is more of a People Magazine person. She wasn't even sure what a paranormal romance novel was, so I educated her on the various genres within a genre. She was fascinated!

As she was rinsing the hue adjustment stuff off my hair, she said something along the lines of "I have an idea for your next book." Resisting the urge to roll my eyes (she could see them, of course, since my head was hanging over the sink and she was standing behind me), I listened to her plot bunny.

A pig farmer (she likes pigs-what can I say?) loses her husband and has to keep the pig farm going all by herself. She hires a hot dude to clean the pool (all pig farmers have pools, don't they?) and it turns out he's quite handy with farming as well. Somewhere around the middle of the book a tornado puts the pigs in danger, and the pool boy/farmhand helps our heroine (whose name, coincidentally, is also Donna) save the pigs, and the rest is romance history.

Where is the paranormal aspect, you ask? Really? We're talking about a pig farmer as our heroine and a pool boy who doubles as a farmhand, and you have to ask where's the paranormal in this story? :)

Seriously though, we had a really fun time with this, especially when we tried to come up with a hero's name she liked. The experience gave me a chance to connect with a potential reader. Isn't this all about giving our readers what they want? Now, I'm not saying I'm going to tackle a story about a pig farmer and a pool boy, but I suppose it could work.

As long as we don't write them baking a pork pie... guess we need some fruit trees on that farm!


  1. The pigs are really a family of princes under the spell of an evil garden gnome, which the pool boy/farmer accidentally beheads while hoeing, thus, breaking the spell. As a reward he and the widow get their own private island off the coast of Hawaii...

  2. Did she favor Wilbur for the hero's name? Hm?

  3. Jody, we never did come up with a hero's name. We decided to think on it and when I see her again in six weeks we'll take up the discussion! :)

    Annie, I like where this is going! It has possibilities...

  4. Hey Carolyn,

    I think you and your hairdresser may have a winner on your hands. Pigs are a great idea. One of my all time favorite fantasies, The Black Cauldron starts with an Assistant Pig-Keeper, a boy named Taran. I’m also a fan of Charlotte’s Web and Babe. Let us know how the story progresses. :)

  5. You never know. Some of the best selling stories start from the strangest ideas. Who knew sparkly vampires would be a hit?

  6. I don’t bookmark sites but i will bookmark this! LOL!

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