Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Trying to Lose Weight? Thirteen Tips to Help

Can you believe it's mid-January already? How are you doing on your resolution of losing weight? If you’re like me, you may need a few tips to re-energize your plan. Here are some suggestions I’ve found on MSN’s fitbic site.

1.Take a 15 minute walk and burn about 100 calories.

2.Choose a lighter alternative. For example: Eat an English muffin for breakfast instead of a bagel and you’ll consume 220 less calories. While you're at the table, drink skim milk, which is 70 calories lighter than whole milk.

3.Consider choosing a salad rather than french fries and you’ll slice 300 calories from your meal.

4.Eat slower. It takes 20 to 30 minutes for your body to realize you’re full. If you take your time at meals, you’re likely to consume less food.

5.Along the same line, wait before opting for a second helping and you'll probably discover you don’t really want/need more food.

6.Use a smaller plate, Jacob Teitelbaum, M.D. -- author of Beat Sugar Addiction Now! --recommends. “If you shrink the size of your dishes by a quarter, such as going from a 12-inch plate to a 9-inch plate, you’ll cut 500 calories without feeling deprived," he insists.

7.Another tip from Dr. Teitelbaum: Don’t eat while watching TV. “People who snack in front of the television," he says, "consume an average of 288 extra calories a day because they’re eating mindlessly.”

8.Each day, do some cardio exercise like jumping rope or jogging in place and you’ll burn about 10 calories a minute.

9.Occasionally choose to stand. Standing burns 120 calories per hour, which is 60 more calories than sitting.

10.Drink water instead of soda. Greta Blackburn, co-author of, The Immortality Edge, says drinking 20 to 60 ounces of water daily might also help boost your metabolism so you burn even more calories.

11.Run errands. A few hours shopping and unloading groceries and other purchases can burn up to 500 calories.

12.Get enough sleep. People who try to get by on less than six hours of sleep can consume 300 calories more than those who are well rested.

13.Clean your house or apartment. All that vacuuming and dusting can burn 400 calories.

I wish you success on keeping your resolutions. And if one of your goals is losing weight, I’d appreciate any suggestions you can send my way.



  1. Great tips, Brenda! Thanks for posting this. :)

  2. The most important thing to remember is not to feel defeated, you need to continue exercising even if you are not able to accomplish as much as you hoped right away. You will eventually get there; you’ll start to feel healthier, and have a sense of pride in your commitment to your health.

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  3. Carolyn Rosewood,
    You're welcome. I try to be helpful.

  4. Jazzie Casas,
    You're right. I've got to keep exercising and eating good food. :) Thanks for the encouragement.

  5. they say divide your plate in half and one half in half again. The half is for fruits and veggies, 1/4 for protein, 1/4 for grains.

  6. All good suggestions. The funny thing is how hard this can be for some people. I have friends who just CAN'T drink water and I'm like, just do it!

  7. Janet,
    That's a great tip. Thanks.

  8. allstarme,
    I'm with you. How can people object to drinking water? Oh well, have a good one.

  9. Thanks for the tips and well-wishes. I'm still on track with my fitness goals for the year and always appreciate a tune up in my thoughts on it! Good luck to all of us!

    Happy TT,

    13 Comforts

  10. Ironically, I am reading this instead of being in my yoga class.

    Have a great Thursday!

  11. I am Harriet,
    Ha! I'm with you. I was supposed to be exercising too--instead I'm blogging, but I'll hopefully get to the exercise later.

  12. @Jazzie - I agree! It's a journey, not a destination.

    One of the best soundbites I've heard about weight loss had to do with not letting a bad day wreck your motivation: "If you accidentally run a red light in the morning, you don't just say "screw it!" and run every red light you come to all day!" :-)

  13. I didn't make a resolution to lose weight, but it looks like my doctor is going to make me take it on.

  14. Some excellent tips, Brenda. Having to walk up and down stairs to do laundry is one of the reasons that keeps me from getting machines installed in my apartment (well, that and the huge increase in rent, which is more than twice what I currently spend on laundry per month).

    I haven't drunk soda in about 20 yrs, the rare exception being white soda when sick, I don't drink coffee, and I rarely buy junk food. You can't consume what you don't have! *g*

  15. Nicola O.
    That red light analogy is brilliant! I'm going to remember that when I blew it and think I might as well give up. :) Thanks.

  16. Alice Audrey,
    Sorry to hear that, but I bet you'll be happy about it down the road.

  17. Heather,
    Sounds like you have things in your life that really do help you keep in shape. Good for you!

  18. I can verify the soda thing, btw. I drink less soda in Italy than I do in the US and I find that I get a bit "trimmer" when I'm here. Also, my skin looks lots better as a result of having less excess sugar in my diet.

    I confess, though - I never make a resolution to do anything. Too much pressure sets me up for failure. I just try to implement changes as I go along.

  19. Thanks Kimberly,
    I'm trying to cut down on soda and you give me more proof that it's a good thing.

  20. Number 6 is such a great idea! I need to follow most of these tips, and I actually am following some of them right now. Hope I can keep it up.

  21. Great tips. I'm trying to follow most of these at present. :)

  22. My biggest problem is a sweet tooth! Can't give up the chocolate when I'm under a lot of stress. Boo. I wonder if there's a chocolate substitute?

  23. Forgetfulone,
    I'm with you. I'm trying to follow them too and a little worried I won't. :)

  24. Shelley,
    Forgetfulone and I are trying to practice these too. We could be our own support group.

  25. I love these tips especially the smaller plate one.

  26. CountyDew,
    If you find a chocolate substitute that tastes just like chocolate, please let me know. Thanks.

  27. Nessa,
    Thanks. I like that one too. I'm trying the smaller plate idea currently and I'll let you know what happens and if it does seem I'm eating less.

  28. i need to eat slower!I used to do that. Thanks for the comment and visit!

  29. Angry Passionate,
    Yep, I do too. :)

  30. I soooooo need to get in gear and get some exercising in. I feel better when I do.
    It does make things feel better all the way around.