Monday, January 3, 2011

The 'IT' Factor -- oops!

I stayed up late last night finishing the "debut" book for today's post and just as I'm ready to start writing up my review on it this morning I discover - gasp! - the book is not by a debut author at all. Argh!

This is the 3rd time this has happened to me. Luckily the 1st one I caught in time and I was able to read another book before my blog deadline. The 2nd, well I just found out about it this week while surfing the web looking up another author. That author was "debut" author Karin Harlow, who now I know also writes under the name Karin Tabke. I swear I checked out her website before I bought the 1st book in her L.O.S.T. series to make sure she was a newbie author and there was nothing in her bio about her alter ego back in August. There is now. Oh, well.

And then there's today's author, Elle Jasper. Turns out she's also Cindy Miles. After reading an Amazon review of her book AFTERLIGHT: THE DARK INK CHRONICLES, the reviewer clued me (any many others) in that she was not a debut author after all. Turns out, according to the Elle Jasper blog, that her publisher asked her to keep the Cindy Miles connection under wraps until the 1st DARK INK book was released. Fine for her but it blows my blog for today to smithereens. So, I'm not going to write up a review for the book today. I will tell you that I liked it a lot. The tattooed heroine and the blend of voo doo and vampire make for a very interesting mix. Good start for a new series.

So, what have I learned? Checking an author's website bio isn't enough. If the debut author's book I've selected is the start in a new series (as in the L.O.S.T. or DARK INK CHRONICLES series) I need to make sure it's not a new identity for an established author. Seems to be the way the publishing game is being played these days.


  1. I think it's almost as interesting to hear which authors (really, which publishers because the authors probably have little say) pretended the books were debut author books as it is to read about a debut book. Thanks!

  2. Interesting. I'd think authors and their publishers would rather bill an author as multi published. :)

  3. You'd think, Brenda - but in some cases the publishers are EXTREMELY careful that word doesn't get out about the author writing under another name, for various reasons. And the authors rarely have control over this particular issue. It can be frustrating, because no one wants the fans to feel like they've been "tricked". The publishing business can be strange at times, no doubt about it. =D