Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy Holidays (a bit early)

Sorry, no 'IT' Factor post today. I've been trying to read a debut book all week but things in our house are not conducive to reading, writing or anything other than popping aspirin and pulling out chuncks of hair.

I'm still dealing with the kitchen/deck renovation run amok. After solving the *costly* problem of our backyard apparently being used as a dump site in a former life (10 old tires pulled out of 2 of the post holes), our cabinet supplier called to tell us they were going out of business just as we were getting ready to seal the deal. Then they called back the next day to say some financial backers had come through last minute and they were staying open. Needless to say, even though we love the quality of those cabinets we've lost confidence in the company. Now we're scrambling to find someone else to do the cabinets. Then the large window in the breakfast area is installed and it's the wrong size and model. Now everyone's pointing fingers over who's going to pay for the new one. A $1200 mistake. Ugh. I'm getting an ulcer and they haven't even started demo-ing the kitchen.

Hope your holiday is not nearly as stressful as mine. Merry Christmas!