Monday, November 22, 2010

No 'IT' Factor Today

I downloaded a debut author's book with the best intentions of reading it for today. But then the home remodel project got underway and hit some major roadblocks. Make that fill dirt and groundwater--right where the support posts for the bumpout and new deck need to go. Now the bobcat is sitting broken in our backyard, with its drill bit stuck 7 feet down in the ground. Oh, happy joy.

On top of all that, I'm trying to get my manuscript in decent shape for the Golden Heart contest (yes, I'll be one of many paying $18.30 for Express mailing next week.) So, there was no reading for me this past week. Hopefully I can read the book in time for my next post. It sounds like a good one. Oh, wait...I just heard one of the contractors cussing. This can't be good.


  1. Oh, you poor kid. I feel for you. But maybe this will all be fuel for your next wip. :) Hope things get better and that soon you'll be able to sit on a beautiful new deck and read.

  2. We feel ya, Lori! Good luck with the contractors AND the Golden Heart!


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