Friday, October 29, 2010

The End is Only the Beginning

Well, as finales go, Haven's was a whopper. A major character hits the bucket, a death threat is diffused and another one enhanced, relationships are turned upside down, and the main character turns out not to be the main character. Can't hope for a better cliffhanger to lead you into next season.
All in all, the show grew on me. I'm a fan of long arc stories, so once the series settled into giving us more and more hints about Audrey, Nathan, and the "troubles," the show seemed to become more than just a weirdo of the week. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens with all the new revelations next season.

Speaking of weirdo of the week, I've just watched the first 4 eps of the new Fringe season, and am really liking it. The creators took the time-honored route of creating 2 versions of Olivia, the main character. One is in our world and the other is in an alternate world. This allows one Olivia to pursue a relationship with Peter, while the other one is pursuing other things--like her mind, which apparently she's lost.

Doubling the main character is nothing new. Farscape did a section of season 3 this way. Moya's crew gets caught on a zombie world where the evil leader has the ability to clone humans which he then traps and uses for food. John, the main character gets cloned, or "twinned" as they called it, but both Johns escape. After much wrangling, many games of rock/paper/scissors, and a couple of sneaky moves, one John manages to get himself on board a second ship with main squeeze Aeryn, while the other is left behind with the rest of the crew. One week the episode was about Aeryn and John consummating their relationship and the next week the episode was about the other John, jealously wondering what was happening with Aeryn and the other him.

Fringe is going a similar route. One week the show is about the Olivia on the alternate world and the next week the show is about the Oliva on our world with Peter. The twist here is that the former Olivia is the "real" Olivia, and the latter is a double agent working for the alternate reality. I'm sure that sounds ridiculously complicated but trust me, it works.

The intensity of the show remains, but they've added the tension of wondering what will happen when the real Olivia gets her memory back and when the false Olivia is found out. We still get a weekly freak, but we also get the long arc, mad scientist story of the alterante world's Secretary of Defense, who seems to be a serious threat to our world's peace. And some of the strange things that happened without much explanation up to now, are explained: ie, the magic typewriter that is capable of sending messages across universes, the shapeshifter, spies, and hitmen who seemed to be working for some mysterious organization--it's all an attempt by the alternate universe to manipulate our own for nefarious purposes. I'm enjoying this Fringe much more than last season's. Here's hoping they continue on this road.
Have not had a chance to watch much of No Ordinary Family, except for the first episode, which didn't particularly grab me. It's supposedly doing well rating-wise, but I'd love hearing from anyone whose been watching. Worth it or not?


  1. Not watching Fringe, but I agree, Haven is really gaining momentum!

  2. I will have to catch these shows. They both sound good.

  3. Its sounds like my next addiction after I am done with Vampire diaries

  4. Well for those who don't watch, give them a try. And btw, Sunday is the debut of The Walking Dead on AMC...

  5. Haven't watched any of these shows, but La Femme Nikita, back in the day, had a Nikita double which was courtesy of plastic surgery, who had a sexy interlude with Michael, who was NOT fooled but needed to pretend he was.

  6. Ah, MN...those were the days, eh? Not liking the new Nikita as much. But the double idea, which allows us 'shippers (as in relationship) our fantasy without "ruining" the tension of the show, is a time-honored device.

  7. That's so weird....our comments from your last entry are on here!


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