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A Look Inside Sourcebooks, Inc.

Ever wonder what it's like to be a multi-published author? Or what it's like to write for Sourcebooks, Inc?
This is your chance to find out. Today, you'll connect with Terry Spear. She is a multi-talented author, teacher and artist whose latest book Seduced by the Wolf is coming out this month. It is published by Sourcebooks, Inc.
I'm betting Seduced by the Wolf, will draw readers in and be the page-turner Terry's other books are. If you're like me, you'll love the compelling action, the rich descriptions and the sheer realness or authenticity of her supernatural characters.

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Terry has agreed to answer my publishing questions which, I'm hoping, are yours, too.
1. How did you get started as a writer? First, thanks so much for having me here today! I remember a writer once saying she would take a pencil and a notepad and climb a tree as a child to “pencil” her first stories. I always loved the image that conjured up and wished that had been me. But I did write stories at an early age, and was an avid reader and lover of stories—which usually goes hand in hand. My father was a great oral storyteller and I’m sure that influenced me to make up my own stories and share them with my girlfriends. On one very special occasion on a Halloween night, we had gone trick-or-treating, dressed in ballroom gowns purchased from a resale shop (we were all fairy princesses) and sitting under a ping-pong table in the dark with blankets covering it like a tent, and a flashlight to provide us with a spooky light, I began telling my ghostly tales. Talk about great for mood and ambience! All we needed was a spectacular Florida lighting storm to make it perfect. J
2. What do you enjoy most about being a writer? Sharing the stories with others and loving it when readers fall in love with the characters and want to see more of them. I make award-winning teddy bears also, and there’s something to be said about sharing that creative endeavor with someone else that makes them smile and creates a little bit of happiness.
3. Seduced by the Wolf features werewolves. Are they different from the werewolves we've seen in popular movies? In some of the versions, like the one with Jack Nicholson, or others like it, the werewolf was a man who was bitten/cursed, and changed into a beast-like wolf, who for the most part, had no control over the shifting or the terrible deeds they did when they were the wolf. In others, like Underworld, the wolves are again like beasts, but they seem to have more human thought processes and they are what they are. With mine, I wanted to create a werewolf who was just like a wolf when in wolf form, only he has human thought processes. He’s not cursed, and is as one with his wolf half as he is with his human half. He is not strictly human when human, or wolf when wolf either. He is a werewolf, and as such, he retains both halves of his personality in either form. Also, most of the early werewolf tales I remember, wolf pack dynamics weren’t really shown. It was a case of a lone werewolf. Or a couple who fought each other. And that was it.

4. How long was it from the initial publisher's request to see your manuscript until it reached published form? It took several months to have the manuscript read, then I received a call asking if it had sold, then my editor said she’d get back with me when she read the end. After that, she called me and said she was taking it to the acquisitions meeting. And then it was a sale! After that, it was a year before it would be published.
5. What steps were involved to elevate your manuscript from a submission to a published novel? First, my editor calls and gives me a list of things she wants me to think about. After I’ve sent in the revised manuscript, I receive an edited manuscript to review and then a final line edit, and the book is ready to be published.
6. What advice would you give other authors who hope to interest Sourcebooks in their manuscript? Polish the story, and watch our Casablanca blog. Our editor offers advice on what she’s looking for every month.
7. What reasons would you give an unpublished author for sending his or her manuscript to Sourcebooks? In other words, what do you particularly like about your publisher? The staff at Sourcebooks is wonderful. I love working with Deb and her assistant editors while editing the manuscript. And with Danielle, our publicist, who is great at setting up blog tours. The art department does a super job on covers. And the marketing department is great about making sales to the book stores and online sources.
8. What inspired you to write Seduced by the Wolf? I do research all the time about wolves and other topics, read a lot of current news, etc. So when I came across a story about a wolf biologist who had discovered a she-wolf who had lost her mate to a hunter and she was trying to raise a litter of pups without a pack, I wanted to write her story, in a werewolf version. The story had a happily ever after, a true romantic wolf tale. And that was another reason that it inspired me so.

9. Typically, how long does it take you to write a book? Usually about 3-4 months.
10. What's your writing schedule? I work at a library full time, so I write around it. In the morning before work, on my days off, after work and during lunch hours. J Some of that writing is in the form of promotional efforts too. Once you sell, you always have a commitment to promote your work. You can’t just expect for the books or a publisher to sell your product. So self promotion is extremely important. Right now, I’m finishing up Dreaming of the Wolf (Book 8), will be getting edits for Heart of the Highland Wolf (Book 7)soon, and will be working on Seduced by the Wolf’s blog tour. And I just received the request for book cover and marketing information for Dreaming of the Wolf. Plus I’ll begin working on Book 9 soon. So there’s a lot of juggling with several books at the same time. I also teach online writing classes nearly every month during the year.
11. What excites you most about Seduced by the Wolf? Leidolf. J I’ve written about him as a mystery wolf in Heart of the Wolf, the brother to the heroine in Destiny of the Wolf, the leader of a pack in To Tempt the Wolf where Hunter’s pack is encroaching on his territory, and investigating a terrorist cell of sorts located in his territory who have roots in Maine, in Legend of the White Wolf. He’s home right now in Seduced by the Wolf, dealing with his abused pack when he meets a little red wolf who turns his whole world inside out. And I loved writing about Cassie Roux as the spunky red werewolf who works as a wolf biologist and is having a really difficult time focusing on her mission to stick with real wolves and avoid Leidolf and his kind.
12. Could you share an excerpt? Feel free to check out my website, for excerpts.
13. Where can readers find you on the Web? (Twitter, blog, Facebook, Website)?

Thanks again for having me here!!!
We hope you've found Terry's interview interesting. We appreciate your questions or comments.


  1. Not my sort of story but a great idea for a thirteen.

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    We aim to please. :0)

  8. Self Sagacity,
    Thanks, other writer's lives are intriguing to me. I'm happy they interest you too and I have to say Terry did a wonderful job telling us about her writing life.

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    Thamks. I think we writers are an unique and exciting bunch.

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    Yeah, werewolf tales and teddy bears don't usually go together, but Terry does both well. Thanks.

  11. This interview was oddly well-timed! I'm sending my query to Sourcebooks TODAY. Thanks for the information!

  12. Wonderful questions. I really got a lot out of this.

    Have a great Thursday!

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    I'm happy Terry's interview was useful to you.

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    Thanks, but I think balance is something we all quest for.

  17. As a reader I (also) love it when I fall in love with a character. Seduced by a Wolf appeals to me... haven't gotten over Jacob Black.

  18. I always love hearing from authors. It offers me hope that maybe one day I to will get published. Of course... You actually have to send your work out for anyone to know it exists... Always something. ;)
    Great Thursday 13 post.
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  21. Great interview! Makes me want to read the book! Also, I learned a thing or two about publishing. Thanks!!!

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    I appreciate you stopping by and I bet you would like Seduced by a Wolf.

  23. Great interview. I'd love to know more about the call between Terry and her editor for revisions.
    Wonder how long that conversation took, what they talked about, etc.
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  27. Interesting interview. Now I'm off to check out the excepts.

  28. Thanks, ladies! I never got a notice that the blog was up (usually get a Google Alert). *sigh* maybe my life isn't as balanced as it should be. LOL :)

    When my editor called, she asked if I'd already sold the mss. She was only halfway through it at that point and loved it. But she also wanted to know if it was unique. I said, "No, it hasn't sold." And though I had written the book before I had read any other adult werewolf romances novels, by the time she read the story, I had judged a couple for contests. So in comparison with them, I was able to say yes, it was unique.

    What I loved about Deb was she absolutely loved the story. The characters. The world. She was telling her co-editors about how I had my characters driving in Suburbans because they were pack animals, and the like. :)

    But it still wasn't a sale. She hadn't read the WHOLE book, and she said that she'd have to love how I wrapped it up. But she hadn't wanted to read to the end if I had already sold it. :) It seemed forever to hear back from here, yet it wasn't all that long. And then, she wanted it! But she had to pitch it to marketing first.

    When Deb first called, I thought she was a telemarketer. :) A writer's nightmare is to say something stupid to a potential buyer of your manuscript. :) I asked if she was selling something. There was a significant pause before she said anything in response. LOL :) I'd been inundated with telemarketers for months, and didn't recognize the name on the Caller ID. :)

    Thanks again for having me, Brenda!

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    Thanks. I think you'll enjoy Terry's tales. I do.

  30. Terry,

    Thank you for being a guest on The Otherworld Diner blog. I think people found your answers interesting and helpful.

    I appreciate your thoughtful insights.

  31. This was a wonderful interview. Thanks for all of the information.