Sunday, July 11, 2010

Blood is sweet - and musical.

I'm watching True Blood, and while I don't want to get too involved in it, in the Postmortem, they talked about the world of the vampires with a "government" official. Very cool. The music is what makes this show so intense. They have chosen well with the sounds to go with hot southern nights and dark warm blood.

Music can be essential to writing and movies. Many writers, like Laurell K. Hamilton, choose specific music to write to. Others make up their own soundtracks as they go, choosing a mood with music and then working the "feel" of that music into their words. Movies rely on music to set a scene, create a mood, heighten emotions.

There are so many things you can do with music. And music can be an important part of your creative process. Have you ever bought movie soundtracks because you loved the music - whether it was a musical or a scary movie? Music moves you - and you can use it to keep you on your writing track by making your own 'soundtrack' to write by.

If you're writing about the past, you may want to choose classical music, or swing, or 70s,whatever period you're writing about. The internet is a great source to find what music was popular during the era you're working with. Or you can listen to music that stimulates your brain, makes you want to sing or run or cry, to help you find the mood you need for the scene you're working on.

Music is life - what music moves you? Let me know what you're writing to or with or for ... maybe your music will help someone else find what they need to keep their writing moving forward.

Happy writing!