Saturday, June 19, 2010

Is it a

Greetings all,
I've been absent for a bit, but I thought I'd drop by and say hi. Life's been crazy. Not crazy with young kids like Jody has, but crazy nonetheless. When I'm not writing, I'm a librarian so I've been caught up in the summer reading kick-off at work. At the keyboard, I'm pushing to finish my latest work in progress. And today, I'm attending the 4th Annual Iowa Book Fair in Adel, IA.

This should be a truly straightforward endeavor. Go to the festival, sit in a chair and hopefully, sign some of my books. Life is not so easy. First of all, for this entire week Iowa has been storm central. I hope the weather holds off all day. Is it a sign? Naw...

Last night, I went out to coffee with a friend and we had a great talk. I'm really glad I went, but I felt guilty later on. After all, while I was having fun, I wasn't writing yet neither was I gathering my stuff for the signing. I went home...following a rather nasty storm cell all the way. Went to buy fancy pens and Sharpies for the signing and when I came out the clouds were all...well...weird. I grabbed my trusty camera (nearly out of juice) and snapped some shots. Here's one. Oh, and when I looked at this one, I discovered the date stamp was wrong. This photo was NOT taken January 5, 2008, but rather June 18, 2010. Another sign? Surely not.

So, home I flew to gather my stuff together. I found my books. Yaaay. But could I find my bookmarks? I had three plastic bags left from RT in April and I'd just got them out of some luggage recently. Okay, RT was more than a month ago. So sue me. I saw the bags of bookmarks and thought, "Oh, I must put these somewhere safe so I can take them to Adel for the book festival. Could I find them? Noooooooo. Roaming from room to room yet finding nothing relevant. I finally did find a box of bookmarks (of all types) which I had not taken to RT. I'll be taking them tomorrow. I still haven't found the bags I planned to put somewhere so I'd find them easily. Sigh.

I am going to take it that all my difficulties have happened now, so that today will be calm. A smooth and fun today with perfect weather for a book signing. A signing for which all the signs were falling into positive alignment. I'll let you know later if I was right.

So how do you prep for a book signing? Do you receive signs and portents ahead of your big event? Hope all your signings are happy, busy, and virtually uneventful - except for LOTS of sales!