Thursday, June 17, 2010

13 Reasons I Barely Wrote Anything Today Even Though I "Work" From Home

1) It's summer and my kids are out of school.
2) Kid2 is young enough that locking her out of my room isn't an option. For very long.
3) I didn't even realize 4 year olds could get cavities!
4) See #1.
5) Well, I had to eat sometime.
6) And feed the kids.
7) And institute the new tooth brushing regime, under strict orders from the dentist.
8) I had to vacuum the dining room and kitchen vigorously because we seem to be attracting ants. Probably from all the sugar the 4 year old must be sneaking and eating.
9) See #1.
10) Kid1 was in a two day musical theater day camp and that required a time commitment on my part driving her back and forth and then applauding her skit. Then again later when she performed it in the living room. Then again later when she performed it for the cats. Then again later when she performed it for her dad. Then again later when she performed it while she was supposed to be brushing her teeth. Okay, I didn't applaud that last one.
11) See #1.
12) We got a new big screen TV, after years of being perfectly happy, or something close to perfectly happy, with a much smaller one. After the kids FINALLY went to bed, my husband had to show me all its features.
13) One of the features is the TV's ability to download streaming HD video from Netflix, which of course had to be tested immediately. I'd been wanting to watch that romance movie anyway. Research!

Next week, the TV will no longer be a novelty, the day camp will be a thing of the past, and that will be at least two hours of my day I can pretend to be productive. But do remind me not to let the youngest kid take a nap. Ever.

Jody W. *


  1. So many wonderful distractions.

  2. Oh, I can so relate to that...except for the kid part. My days of kids that age are long gone. But...there are other things like laundry, hanging it out and bringing it in a few hours later, folding and putting away. Then someone visits/phones. My daughter's computer has died so she comes and uses mine. You get the picture...