Friday, April 16, 2010

Viruses and Other Distractions

The scientific part of me is fascinated by viruses, the part of me that’s been sick for the last three days isn’t too keen on the little varmints. Tiny little bits of DNA or RNA (material the body uses to replicate DNA), viruses are unable to survive very long outside a living cell. These tiny (usually too small to see with a microscope), bits of the stuff of life may or may not themselves be living beings; as far as I know, the scientific jury is still out on that.

Living or not, fascinating in many levels and horrifying on others, humankind has always lived with viruses. Along with bacteria, financial concerns, and unwanted phone calls, viruses are part of the stumbling blocks of modern life.

Our world is faster paced than at any other time in history. We, as a species, have constructed an existence in which pushing yourself to the mental, physical, and spiritual breaking point is not only usual, it’s expected. And so we all race around, complaining of exhaustion, but afraid to take a break. Even an illness (perhaps caused by a virus) rarely slows anybody down these days. Of course, by getting out in public the sufferer passes the illness on to those around him/her. And another person has to make the decision to keep going as expected of him/her, or to stay home and rest.

Public Service Plea: Stay home when you are ill. I don’t want your virus, and I doubt anybody else does either. (Now might be a good time to kiss and make up with your worst enemy though—did I say that out loud?)

Stay well!

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  1. I'm a sook...I had a virus for a couple of days last week so hid myself away and wallowed. Best cure there is...