Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Ultimate Cougar

I was chatting with some fellow authors on another loop about cougar storylines - you know - older woman/younger man. OW/ym stories are really popular right now. They are all over popular culture.

Among ourselves, we discussed how does the relationship progress if there are kids in the picture? What if he's the same age as her kids or only a few years older? How much older is too much older between lovers?

Most of us (myself included) went with the 10-15 years older as a maximum without squickitude. Then I got to thinking... Vampires. Talk about the ULTIMATE Cougar. She could be hundreds...even thousands of years older than her lover.

So how does THAT work? Granted, he's not going to have to help her with her cane or anything but would a younger man want an older woman who was that much older than him? Of course, if she still looked like a 20 something herself...maybe.

But how would she relate to men who are so much younger? I mean I'm in my mid-forties and on those occasions I find myself in conversation with a twenty-something male I often end up shaking my head and thinking to myself, "oh, these kids today." It's painful to sound like my dad, but it happens. How much MORE would it hit you if you'd been born in the 1800s. Or the 1500s. Or even...shudder...100 BCE (or more). What would you have in common with a techie guru born in 1980 or 1985??

So what do you all think?


  1. As a sabre tooth (ahem), I can emphathise with the vampire cougar. I have problems having a decent conversation with someone my own age. Maybe it's because often they've reverted to their younger years!

  2. When having a conversation with someone my own age, I know we have the same pop culture references. My problem with younger people is I might talk about something I'll remember and they'll say "Huh?" or "No way...did that really happen?"

    Most disconcerting. ;-)