Thursday, April 1, 2010

13 Publishers of Paranormal Romance

Brenda's been doing a publishing series for us lately on her Thursday 13's but I thought it might be handy, for myself and for anyone writing romance novels with paranormal elements, to have a list of publishers of our subgenre handy! Here's 13 possibilities for your paranormal romance, your urban fantasy or your speculative romance (no agent required to submit a query). Note that these are not exclusively publishers of erotic romance, as that would be an entirely different list!

1) Avon Publishing:
2) Carina Press:
3) Cerridwen Press:
4) Dorchester Publishing:
5) Juno Books:
6) Kensington Books:
7) Luna Books (Harlequin/Silhouette imprint just for spec romance):
8) New American Library (NAL):
9) Nocturne: (Harlequin/Silhouette line just for para-romance):
10) Samhain Publishing:
11) Sourcebooks, Inc:
12) St. Martin's Press:
13) Tor/Forge, in particular Tor Paranormal Romance:

What publishers who take manuscripts that aren't necessarily erotic would you add to this list?

Jody W. *


  1. To answer your question: No clue :) But thanks for this!

  2. This is pretty much it, as far as I can tell! Do you mind if I quote you for my talk tomorrow on trends in paranormal romance?

  3. I don't mind at all if you quote's a handy list!

    Jody W.

  4. Ellora's Cave Publishing also accepts paranormal romances. They should be erotic romances, but they accept them and paranormals sell well for EC authors. At least they do for me.

  5. There's Grand Central, but they don't take time-travels *pout*

  6. Does Grand Central take unagented now, Lori? Cool!

  7. Oops. Sorry. Missed the part about the list being for unagented submissions. No, GC will return an unagented query. But their editors judge a lot of contests and if you final, you might get a request. That's how I got my ms into St. Martin's.