Monday, February 15, 2010

Workshop on Paranormal Forensics

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KOD's Coffin Proudly presents March workshop:
Murder One - March
Title: Paranormal Forensics
Instructor: Katherine Ramsland
Class Description: In 1961, a cop attempted to fingerprint a ghost, and
there's even been paranormal evidence in the courtroom. Many murder sites
around the world yield ghostly tales, which makes the incidents themselves
more chilling. Ghost hunters today believe that with the latest cutting-edge
technology they can access the "other side" to shed light on both active and
unsolved cold cases, and among them is the belief that murder victims
linger to see justice done. It's CSI meets Ghost Hunters when Katherine
Ramsland, author of Ghost: Investigating the Other Side and numerous books on
forensics, combines these disciplines. Sometimes she reports others'
investigations, but often she has explored a crime scene herself. In this class,
she'll offer factual background of several crimes and their investigations, as
well as reveal the reports of paranormal events involved. During the course,
she will analyze a murder incident with tools from both worlds.
Instructor Bio: Dr. Katherine Ramsland counts a master's in forensic
psychology from the John Jay College of Forensic Science among her graduate
degrees and currently chairs the Social Sciences Department at DeSales
University , where she teaches forensic psychology and criminal justice. She has
been writing about forensics for over a decade, including books with former
FBI profilers. Among her 37 books are Ghost, The Forensic Science of CSI,
The Forensic Psychology of Criminal Minds, The Real World of a Forensic
Scientist (with Henry C. Lee), A Voice for the Dead (about exhumations) , and The
Devil's Dozen: How Cutting Edge Forensics Took Down 12 Notorious Serial
Killers. With a local coroner, she has documented cold cases where she lives
that also have paranormal components.


  1. Oh, this sounds really interesting.

  2. I hope to take this class. I'm reading one of Dr. Ramsland's books right now.


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