Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Tunes of Your Life

Have you ever noticed how music affects your mood? Right now I’m listening to an upbeat pop song. The sun’s out, the day’s warm for once (Yay!) and I’m putting the finishing touches on a crochet project that I’ve been working on for probably a year (I got myself in over my head, okay. But I finally figured it out). Anyway, I had originally turned on a funkier, mostly instrumental CD. That just didn’t suit my mood. So I turned on the radio to an 80’s-to-today pop station. The upbeat songs fit the sunny afternoon perfectly.

Sometimes I almost feel like there’s a musical background to my life. Like a movie. If there’s no music audible, then my head tends to fill in the blank. Sometimes it’s an annoying tune, but sometimes it’s a perfect fit to my day, or mood, or whatever is happening in my life.

Then there are the songs that my head plays when I wake up in the morning. Like the remnant of a dream, I frequently realize there’s a song in my head about the time I’m making coffee. Many times it’s obvious why that particular song is rambling around in my head. Maybe I heard it the night before, or it was a theme song from a movie or TV show I’d been thinking or talking about. But sometimes there’s a message in the song. Like when I went to bed feeling frustrated and completely overwhelmed. I woke up the next morning with, “Sooner or later, it’ll all fall in line, if we take it one heartbeat at a time.” That one line is all I know of the song — and I’m not completely sure I even got the words right. The point is that it was a message telling me to slow down and take things a little at a time. Now every time I start to feel overwhelmed, I think “one heartbeat at a time.” Yeah, I know. “One day at a time” has been around forever. I guess I needed to hear the idea in another form. Or maybe I needed the idea attached to music.

When you wake up in the morning, see what song is running through your head. Is there a message?

May all your songs be upbeat ones, and have a great rest of the weekend.