Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Sweet Treat and a Surprising “Best-Selling” Author

Do you have a favorite candy? I do. Conversation Hearts are my favorite and this is their season. To celebrate, I’ve opened a bag of sweet treats and – to pass along the good times – I’d like to share 13 of the sayings that caught my eye.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.
Before trying to melt your heart, here are few facts I’ve discovered about those candy hearts. Until 2000 or so, Walter Marshall worked at NECCO, a New England Confectionery Company and one of his duties was to select the sayings that adorn the 8 billion candy hearts NECCO sells each year.

Just think, his words were read by billions of people. Amazing!

Actually, candy conversation hearts have been around much longer than Mr. Marshall. The sayings: “Be Mine,” “Be Good,” “Be True,” “Kiss Me” and “Sweet Talk” have appeared on candy hearts for better than a century -- since 1902.
Newer sayings have joined their ranks, including “Tweet Me,” “Girl Power,” “Top Dog” and, of course, “Melt My Heart.”
And, guess what? There are candy companies that will put your comments on those precious hearts. If you go to you can put your words on a virtual heart. (A less fattening and fun way to convey your messages.) I drew up a few comments of my own before I munched on my bag of Brach’s Conversation Hearts.
Well, you’ve waited long enough. Here are 13 of the messages found in that bag:

1. “You Rule”
2. “Cupcake”
3. “Dare Ya”
4. “First Kiss”
5. “Mad 4 U”
6. “Be True”
7. “E-Mail Me”
8. “My Cutie”
9. “See Ya”
10. “Good Bye”
11. “My Boy”
12. “My Girl”
13. “Be Mine”

Have a great Valentine’s Day! And if you have a favorite candy, please share it with me. It’s always fun to try something new.



  1. I love those candies too. I like the blue favor.

    My post will be up at midnight. Hope you visit.

  2. "You rule" reminds me of Lord Chamberlain (or was it his name?) saying that to Princess Mia in church :)

  3. My son got hold of "cupcake" one year, and swore off the candy hearts for good.

  4. Good bye?! Well gee, isn't that romantic. LOL I'd say my absolute favorite candy is Lindor's dark chocolate truffles. Mmmm.... My Thursday Thirteen

  5. I think I need some of these, and I'd like the job to think up what should go on them.

    Did someone say Cadbury Creme Eggs????

  6. Funny, I went to Info Please for help with mine today!

    Never had Email me, when I was a kid!

    Here is mine – 13 Best novel first lines!

  7. I'm sure I've seen most of those sayings on the candies since I was a child. But "You Rule" and "E-Mail Me" have got to be pretty new.

    My TT: Translatable

  8. I used to love those candies when I was a kid. I love mini eggs, but am keeping my distance from them this year. My biggest downfall is a love for all things chocolate.
    Fun post. Happy T13!

  9. Journeywoman,
    Oh, I like those creme eggs too.

    The blues are good.

  10. Hazel,
    It is funny how our memories are linked to one another. Thanks for commenting.

    Alice Audrey,
    Grin, I think, generally, men don't like to be called, "Cupcake".

  11. Clever post! For me, it's gotta be chocolate!

  12. jehara,
    Cherry sours are good. A fine choice. Thanks.

    My son likes Lindor's dark chocolate truffles, too.

  13. Shelley Munro,
    I'm with you. I'd like to write the sayings too.

    Beyond You,
    Yep, candy hearts are good. Thanks for stopping by.

  14. Sassy Brit,
    I will come visit. I like first lines. Thanks.

    Yeah, I think you're right.

  15. Adelle Lauden and Mama Zen,

    Grin. I'm a big fan of chocolate too. It's both a blessing and a problem for me.

  16. I've always wanted the job of coming up with candy heart sayings. I like to read them more than eat them.

  17. Such memories!
    I think I'll have to get boxes of these for the kids this year. Haven't done that in a while.

  18. I love those candies as well. Too bad you only see them around valentines day where I live.

  19. Ahh, now I see why you're mentioning these over at my place. I think I still have some from last year, hidden on my baking shelf...

  20. Colleen,
    Great minds think alike--I'd like to write the sayings on candy hearts too.

  21. Ella,
    Yeah, I think conversation hearts are fun too. Thanks for stopping by.

  22. Wild Woman in the Wild Woods,
    Yeah, the conversation hearts are only available around Valentine's Day. That's part of their allure, I think.

  23. Susan,
    You still have some from last year? Wow, you have willpower.

  24. I love dark chocolate peanut M&Ms. They're like I have to be sure to only purchase small bags. I'm afraid I'd eat the whole big bag if I bought one.

  25. Celticlibrarian,

    I agree with you. I think lots of candy is addictive. Thanks for stopping by.

  26. I've always loved conversation hearts :-)

  27. Janet,
    Me too! I appreciate you stopping by.