Monday, February 8, 2010


I blogged last Monday when I wasn't supposed to (I can never keep the schedule straight), so now it's my turn to post a blog again. My brain is not functioning well today, so this is a non-writerly blog. Let me explain why:

1 Super Bowl party
50 people in my house
-- 30 adults suffering from cabin fever
-- 20 sugared-up children
-- all tracking in the 11 inches of snow from outside
4 TVs set up in 4 different rooms
4 batches of hot wings
3 coolers of beer
2 huge pots of chili
2 stressed-out dogs banned to the garage
1 tired and brain dead blogger

'nuff said


  1. Well I'm glad it was you and not me, LOL, happy cleaning up.

  2. I second that emotion from Kaz. Whew!

  3. Ha! Lori, I'm with you. I also blogged last week. I give you kudos for blogging after your intense weekend.

  4. I like to hope/think those doggies were happily curled up in snuggy warm beds in that peaceful garage.

    chilli. oh yes. I hope you do it with the brown sugar and the lemon juice.

  5. Yes, the dogs were very snuggly on their self-heating thermal pads. And I made 2 different kinds of chili - one for those who like it milder with beans and one for those who like it hot and spicy without beans. The hot and spicy non-bean one went first.