Monday, January 18, 2010

What Readers Want

I’m running the published author contest for my home chapter this year. For the contest, the books are judged by avid romance readers (no writers or industry professionals allowed) and we ask the prospective judges to rank their top five genre preferences. As the applications come in, I’m finding it interesting to see what the readers out there really want. Here’s a current ranking of their first choices:

Paranormal - 30
Historical - 29
Romantic Suspense - 23
Romantic Comedy - 12
Long Contemporary - 9
Long Inspirational - 8
Erotica - 8
Short Contemporary - 4
Best First Book - 4
Short Inspirational - 3
Single Title - 3
Southern Theme - 2

The applications are still coming in, so the data could change. But running this contest has given me an interesting feel for the current marketplace. As a paranormal writer, I’m thrilled to see Paranormal at the top of the list. My paranormals also tend to be historical (I have a thing for time travels) so seeing Historical in 2nd place bodes well for me too. And since I write with a good deal of humor, Romantic Comedy in 4th place is a good sign too. Looks like I’m aiming for the right market. Now, if I could just figure out how to cram some suspense in there, I could have a quadfecta (is there even such a word?).


  1. If it isn't a word, it should be! Great survey. It actually surprises me to see such a heavy love for paranormals because everyone I know talks about being totally burned out or never liking them in the first place. Maybe I'm hanging out with the wrong crowd.

  2. I also thought this was a great survey. Thanks for publishing. If I were smarter I'd write a paranormal romantic suspense with time travel elements, so I'd hit all the top three. Sigh. Not smart enough...

  3. This is very interesting. Thanks for sharing.