Friday, January 8, 2010

What does paranormal mean to you?

We originally started this blog to talk about funny paranormal romance, sort of, but it has grown to encompass everything paranormal. I've noticed that there are more and more television shows, movies and books with paranormal elements. And today I talked to two well-known editors who say paranormal is still going strong and selling well.

So I'd like a bit of discussion - what does paranormal mean to you? Are you stuck on ghosts, werewolves, vampires - or is there something else entirely?

I have a few favorite authors, books, stories, movies, etc. Tell me yours and I'll tell you mine.


  1. I liken paranormal to anything inexplicable outside the realm of normality, whatever that is. It's a subject that fascinates me, not less because I've had my own paranormal experiences. I'm not talking about vampires, werewolves or anything of that ilk here. More like visitations of a mysterious and puzzling but absolutely thrilling nature...

    Great stuff...especially as something to build a story on.

  2. I think of paranormal as anything that transcends the boundaries of the scientifically explainable world. Creatures, myths, folklore, humans with superhuman abilities - I lump it all together.